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The ending?.............(contains spoiler), 16 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

the movie itself wasn't bad...

but what is up with that messed up ending?

They rape the girl for no reason,

and then that's it? end of Movie?

if anyone can offer some insight to this, please do so. to me it seemed like they had no good ideas for an ending, so they just said screw it and ended it anyway. i just don't get it.

Please any thoughts, views, or better yet,

actual comments from the filmmakers or facts would be great. Anyone? Anyone at all?

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My favorite movie of ALL TIME, 5 July 2003

The raw passion of this movie is enough to make any serious movie enthusiast weep. I honestly can't believe this movie was not nominated for about 8 or 10 Academy awards. It also baffles me that some people think this was Anthony Hopkins worst portrayal. He was absolutely brilliant in this, as was Brad Pitt. THIS was the movie that made me take a look at Pitt and see that he's more than just a pretty face. After watching this, he became, and is still to this day, my favorite actor. In this movie he was rustic, yet thoughtful. He was strong and vulnerable. He had a great love for family(especially his father) and for a woman he knew should not be his. This film a true epic with history, talent, superior cinematography, and most of all(and what many movies of today lack).. closure.

Watch and wonder