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Wonderfuly done inspiring film!, 5 May 2016

The film is beautifully shot, and really well acted, seriously the best performance of Jennifer Gardner's career she really lived it! Every one in it did a good job but especially the little girl that is the main character. And its a true story! I really don't understand how anyone could not like this film. I'm an actress and fairly critical because I see film technically as well as story wise, but this one really stands up! The story was wonderful. I loved it! I cried my eyes out, I connected with the characters and cared about their journey and it left me thinking. In the end what more do we want from a film! I really hope Jennifer Gardner gets some recognition for this role she earned it!

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really loved it, 23 May 2014

I really enjoyed this film I was pleasantly surprised that the acting was solid thru out and the story was really moving you could relate to the characters and over all it was really well done especially for a low budget film. I loved it so much I watched it twice before returning the rental. I love how the story shows how up and coming stars are seen as assets to be maximized in that world. There is a lot of truth to that and its easy to get it how so many buckle under the pressure. I think this film touches on a lot of heart issues that people can relate to. Aj's performance was really strong and she shined in the singing parts

Divination (2011/III)
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Excitiing,definitely worth watching!, 12 December 2011

I watched this film with my teenage kids we all loved it. In fact my 15 year old son asked to watch it again to show his friend and we all watched it a second time and my daughter said as we finished "I love this film I could watch it again" The special effects are really great for an Indy film and there are some beautifully shot scenes but the story is really what stands out. It is a great story of choices and consequences. It holds powerful spiritual truths with out ever being preachy. And you really care about the characters! It is an intriguing film that captures the imagination. Definitely worth watching!! This is a great example of non Hollywood film makers getting it right!

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Truly inspirational!, 9 April 2011

This film touched my heart in a way few ever have it was well done in every aspect. The acting was excellent, everyone in this very strong cast turned in excellent performances's but Annasophia Robb was a stand out, absolutely genuine in her performance, your heart breaks for her and soars with her. The cinematography was beautiful and the under water shots were very creative. The special effects are convincing. But the true star of this film is the story itself. It tells the remarkable story of Bethany Hamilton which can not help but challenge and inspire the viewer. I can not recommend it highly enough. Don't miss this one! It is family safe we went with 7 people ages 12 to 70 and everyone loved it. It inspired us all!

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I was pleasantly surprised by this film!, 21 March 2011

I found this film while looking for something to take my 14 year old son to. I was not expecting more then your standard action flick,I was pleasantly surprised! The effects were very good and believable. But what really got me was the well developed story line and characters. The actors all did a wonderful job of bringing these people to life and making you care about what happens to them. Which I find to be the number one thing missing in most of today's action films. I am Number Four does not fall into that trap at all! Yes it is high action, yes there are spectacular special effects, but far more importantly, you care about these characters, you can relate to them, you leave the theater wanting more. I highly recommend this film and really hope they continue the story!