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Bunsen Is a Beast (2017–2018)
Bunsen is a Beast....it's animation
25 February 2017
The animation is pretty bad flash compared to other shows like My Little Pony and Star Vs the Forces of Evil.

The Voice Acting is not the best. I don't blame the actors since they're pretty good names like Jeff Bennett and Kari Wahlgren. It's a shame that every voice in the show is incredibly annoying to listen to.

The Stories have really poor flow. Just point A to B with no character development. Just seems like they're trying to tell jokes but they fall flat.

The humor style is Hartman's but not at his peak. None of the jokes work and with all the voices being annoying it makes them missing stick out more.

The characters are pretty bland and with no proper introduction. Shows like Littlest Pet Shop and most other shows introduce the characters in some way via song or something. Give us a reason to care.
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A great show on Cartoon Network
19 September 2011
Letter Score Art:A Animation:S Sound:S Writing:A+ Characters:S

Art: Gumball is filled with a vast amounts of different characters that were made in different ways.Puppets,3d animation,and 2d cartoon.The Backgrounds are realistic and it really makes me wonder how they put them all on there. Computers these days. Animation: I have notice no errors Sound: Voices Actors do a great job with the voice.No problem with the music. Writing: Jokes and Dialogues are funny and good,but not perfect but close. Characters: A bunch of fun characters. None I have a problem with

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Great Movie....Best of the entire X-men Series (Flims)
16 June 2011
If your not an x-men fan or haven't watched the other x-men movies then you might be a bit lost but you'll get an idea by the first 5 minuets or so.I however, watched all the x-men movies but never read any of the comics.So I'm not going to upset if it didn't follow the comics.

Everything in this movie was great.Loved all of it. I would be more details but I would be spoiling it for anybody who reads this. Acting:S I didn't find any problems with the acting or the actors at all. Story:A+ Great story but if you are not familiar to the series my be a bit hard to follow. Directing/Editing:S I found no problem with that at all. Characters:S All the character had personality and enough background. Music:S Right music at the right time Overall:S or (9.5/10)
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