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A Pitch to the Networks, 5 July 2003

While at Cinevegas 2003 I came across an intriguing new film by the name of "Games People Play", a film I enthusiastically recommend all too watch. Beginning as just a casting call, the film progresses into a fascinating series of complex counseling sessions, hilarious adult pranks and has a twist that leaves you wanting more.

This movie is what reality television has been lacking. A combination of Candid Camera, The Real World, nudity and a bunch f*^&ed up individuals who end up creating a thrill ride that will have you talking for weeks. Reality-whore's throughout America will not be disappointed.

You are immediately entered into the director's journey to create a television pilot that is being pitched to the networks. The journey continues as you quickly pass through the sensory-invigorating screen tests and true stories. The mood quickly changes as the hotter-then-fire cast of six is chosen and the games begin. From pranks on pedestrians, to delivery boys, to the titillating casting couch the game jumps back and fourth to the intimate true-stories of the contestants that will leave you weeping.

This refreshingly original, campy and wholesome movie will leave you contemplating, happy, distraught, and utterly in disbelief of what you just watched. An original movie I recommend for everyone to watch.