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The island of love, 23 November 2004

I really like this movie.

Stefania has just broken up with her beau of 8 years, Andrea. Her rebellious 14-year-old niece Martina, scusi Megghy, bails out of her girl scout trip to convince her mom to let her romp through Europe alone. But her grandmother decides that Megghy should stay with her aunt since she will be alone. Megghy persuades Stefania to take her to Ios in Greece, the island of love. But Stefania doesn't know that Megghy plans to lose her virginity to a stranger because she believes that she turns off guys because they can tell she's still a virgin

Stefania is absolutely gorgeous and her sense is humorous. Megghy on the other hand got slightly annoying. All her whining was getting on my nerves. Also she runs with her arms flailing. Very funny. Andrea is lovely and you can really tell he loves his girlfriend. I didn't expect the end to turn out the way they did. I love the bus scene. It's so cute!

I was wondering about that Indian music. I guessed I was getting Greek and Indian music confused but I was right that it was Indian. I actually learned the song at the end by a lot of playbacks.

I highly recommend this movie.

"Blow Out" (2004)
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Not so bad, 20 November 2004

I am a lover of reality shows and this ranks high on my list. This show is about Johnathan, a hair stylist to the rich and/or famous. He has a salon in Beverly Hills; now he wants to open a salon in Hollywood. He must have the shop fixed and approved by the city before he can host his red-carpet opening.

This guy is as neurotic as neurotic gets. He cries when he's over-stressed, constantly requesting an appointment with his therapist. He's hard on his assistant whom I adored. She was so cute.

There were also some alliances. (I can't remember names because it's been a while since this show was on.) Johnathan and some of his other stylists didn't like the other male stylist. He was obnoxious, loud, rude, and pretty arrogant. But he was entertaining to his clients. No matter what Johnathan complained to him, his clients would defend him and threaten to move to another salon.

I liked this show. I'd like to see a follow-up.

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Funny to the 10th degree, 28 July 2004

I love shows like Punk'd but this is the pinnacle of shows of this genre. The show consists of a number of women who pull pranks on random people on the street. My favorite prankster is Chelsea. She is so dirty. So uninhibited. She lets everything go. She' willing to look so stupid to give her audience a laugh. The pranks are genius. My favorite one is dodge ball Girl with hilarious Kira. dodge ball Girl goes to a mall and she hits a hired actor with a dodge ball then blames an unsuspecting person. Sometimes she gives the ball to a person and orders him to throw the ball and the person doesn't hesitate to throw it.

I hope this show stays on forever. This show has been on for a long time and they are still able to find people who don't recognize them.

I want to be a girl behaving badly!

Wish Upon a Star (1996) (TV)
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Best Disney original, 14 February 2004

Yeah the switching lives with someone is so cliche but I love the acting and situations. I live vicariously through Alexia Wheaton. I wish I was her. It's so typical of movies set in high school and I love that. I love that the sisters are so different from each other because siblings are usually like that before they discover how important they are to each other. I never get tired of this movie. If I had the DVD, I watch it practically everyday.

Getting There (2002) (V)
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Their worst one ever, 28 November 2003

I hate this movie so much. It's their worst one. The plot is pointless. It takes them forever to get there and when they do get to Salt Lake City, it's not a euphoric feeling that they finally reach their destination. My life as a teenager sucks so maybe why I have such animosity for this movie cuz their parents are allowing them to drive out of the state with other stupid teens. And don't forget that stupid girl in the movie. An absolute airhead. My goodness do I hate this movie. I don't recommend this movie.

I love this show, 5 July 2003

I have seen this show so many times I can't count. I have favorite years, know what happens in each episode. Hal Sparks (especially when he talks about Footloose) and Michael Ian Black are hilarious. This show makes me laugh so much. I love the segment with Duran Duran and Wham!. John Taylor was so beautiful!