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Machete (2010)
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All I hoped for & a TON more!!!, 14 March 2011

When I first saw the other Grindhouse movies and a commercial for this I Hoped and Wished that Machete would be real and 'BOOM' I got what I wanted (plus some). Loved this particular humor, sense of danger with hints of mystery, supped up 'XXX' cars, insane variety of violent weapons and of course a perfectly picked out cast of wonderful lady hotness and a mix of dirty strong sexy & sweaty Mexican men (Yummm to both!). If you dig the Grindhouse movies you'll feel right at home with this one. It's a 'Mexican treasure', as far as my man and I are concerned. Watch from beginning to end. There are so many precious gems you would not want to miss. Lots of fun to watch with some friends, a 12 pack of beer so you can kick back and enjoy yourself! JoJo