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Born in 68 (2008)
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An intense theme, 22 June 2011

Having lived through the Student Riots in Paris, May, 1968, the United States Civil unrest in the 60's, AIDS in the 80's and advancement of technology in the 90's to the present, I can relate to everything in this movie. Perhaps, younger people may not quite understand the intensity of this movie and its historic nostalgia. I highly recommend this movie as a viewpoint from the French point of view during highly volatile times.

The film deals impeccably with disaster that ranged from death, imprisonment and the glimpse of the Twin Towers.

I would like to have seen the friendships of the people developed a tad bit more than what they were; however, the viewer can leave all to the imagination, or, perhaps relate in one's own life.

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Best Romeo and Julliet actors ever!, 7 August 2010

There is no doubt that Leonard Whiting and Olivia portrayed Shakespeare's character better than any actor so far to date. Yes, I know there are great Shakespearian actors in the world. However, they were teenagers when they made the film and it was made from the heart of a teenager which is what Shakespeare had in mind.

It is so utterly regretful that Leonard Whiting never soared to great fame. I wonder if he was panned as a "has been" after the film or simply ignored.

I saw the movie at the box office in 1968 when I remember not a dry eye in the theatre. I have shown this movie to English classes over the years and still not a dry eye.

It is a classic that will be here for generations to come.

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Impressive film, 14 July 2010

This was my first Hungarian film to watch. First impressions are lasting impression as the saying goes. Fortunately, the lasting impression for me is excellence in acting and script writing.

The characters did not overplay their roles but brought each character to the realization of what happens in real life. One can be on top of the world and the next moment, without warning, grabbing for mental stability.

Along with the concept of what can happen unexpectedly in life, the lighting of the film depicts the bright and dark side of unexpected surprises in life.

A must watch for anyone who has been through the perils of life and caught off guard.

Touch (2002)
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Moved by Touch but have a question about timing, 13 July 2010

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"Touch" brings us into the world of Sadism and Masochism from both points of view. The concept of the masochism enjoying the masochism is what earns "shrinks" a living.

However, the psychoanalysts of the "why's" is not my concern at this moment.

What concerns me is the timing of the years that lapsed between being held captive at the age of 8 until his release and entering high school. Was he educated during those years? The film indicates not. So, how could he go into high school ready for academics with no educational background?

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Older Gay Men should watch this, 18 March 2010

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I can relate to the main character as an aging Gay male. Although I "escaped" HIV + the main character shows us what it must be like to be aging, remember youth and having AIDS. Although he is bitter in life and can find no outlet for his emotions rather than depending on a "shrink," I think he portrays what many men feel as they age.

The younger men cannot relate to how the main character feels because that is what life does is teach us. Then, we age and we learn our lessons. Sadly, we cannot pass these learning experiences on to the others. Life simply doesn't work that way.

I would watch the movie again as it has a message for all of us to learn.

In a way I think the film is very reflective of French Existentialism.

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Serling a Visionary, 31 December 2006

Interesting that when this show was made, it was two years before the Supreme Court Ruling June, 1963 Madyln Murray vs. whichever school district that eliminated prayer in public schools.

(This is NOT intended to be an argument for or against the ruling).

The United States has moved toward what this story is all about in the last 40 years.

George Orwell would have loved Rod Serling.

Watching this gave me the willies.

How much has changed and it makes me wonder if the United States will move toward what Serling predicted.

I think it will.