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Unexpected, 2 September 2016

I think sometimes when you know about a movie and look forward to seeing it it's hard for it to live up to your expectation, which is why this one, coming out of nowhere, was so good.

One annoying thing was that it's pretty obvious whats happening any you kind of know how things are going to play out early on so there's not too many surprises.

But the way the inevitable unfolds is really well done and there are some great moments.

A breath of fresh air among the hundreds of Hollywood made rubbish that try to do pretty much the same thing.

The Visit (2015/I)
His best to date, 2 September 2016

Hated 6th sense, but think he's done better with each movie since,

Not that this is great.. You'll prob guess whats going on before you should, and when you know, thats pretty much it (just another half hour of inevitable rubbish) , nothing more to see... so if you guess whats happening in the first 20 minutes thats really annoying...

but it's definitely creepy, more so than i've seen in a Shyamalan movie before. a few scenes seemed to be made just so they could be included in the trailer (get in the oven).

I'm over how much i hated the 6th sense, and can enjoy these movies for what they are, a few jumps, bit of suspense, and a twist, all good.

Alien (1979)
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of corse f'ing of course, 2 September 2016

Rewatched this movie just now,

there is absolutely no point in writing a review, because everyones already watched it, right?

but i will anyway..

Even 35 years on, this is still amazing, if it came out now, OK the alien would be laughed at, special affects is one thing that has improved, but the suspense and tension is something modern movies should really pay attention to.

watching this just makes me annoyed we've not had 35 years of progression, just copying and impersonating.

The Boy (2016)
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Flawed, but great idea, 2 September 2016

Anyone watching the trailer and liking the look of this should watch it.

Yes it goes a bit off course towards the end, but it had to go somewhere. And unless it was going to be another childs play it had to be different.

I think most would agree the first hour is better than the second, the tension, suspense and mystery is what your watching this for so it'll always lead to disappointment when the reveal isn't as clever as you wished, and more annoyingly leads to another hour of the move which is different to the one you wanted to watch.

It's still worth a watch

Cell (2016/I)
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wow, 2 September 2016


This is like a really long commercial that got out of hand. I think the commercial was for a cell provider, that wanted to say how bad other providers were, and hired some 'A-list' actors to be in the commercial and somehow made almost 2 hours of footage. I was just waiting for the tagline 'Our phones don't do this to you!'

Surely one skim of the script of this would put anyone off being in it, how did it get any further? it's so strange, a really bad idea for a movie was made, a zombie, crazies, mist hybrid that involves phones.... and somehow someone spent millions on making it...and actors that must have a host of movies to choose to be in went with this one...

it's a strange one, awful movie i don't genuinely don't think anyone would actually like

The Witch (2015)
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Could have been so much more, 2 September 2016

There was so much in place to make this a good movie, the setting, the cast, the costumes, it was all setup to make something really good.

But then nothing really happened, and it all feels like a bit of a waste, which i felt was really disappointing,

It might be that it just wasn't the movie i wanted it to be, a horror suspense like movie with a revealing end. Instead it's a suspense sort of drama.

I don't think any review will put someone off watching this, as almost all will unanimously say it's done well and looks good, so if a movie about a 'witch' in 17th Century England sounds good your going to watch it, just don't get your hopes up too much

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Good Jumpy Horror, 29 August 2016

Like the first one, Conjuring 2 is a good jumpy horror movie, it ticks all the boxes that anyone who likes this type of movie is looking for, sometimes this almost seems too formulaic as it goes through every cliché and you'll find yourself knowing whats about to happen next because you've seen similar movies, but then at times it uses this to misdirect you and the 'jump' comes from unexpected places.

One thing I do find a little strange is how this and the first movie, Wan portray the Warrens as some sort of heros, in what was a blatant real life hoax and the warrens were either too stupid to see or were in on it.

But in todays horror movie world where most movies are terrible and / or rely on gore to attract viewers, this is good back to basics stuff.

Hush (2016/I)
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could have been more, 9 July 2016

I like films where masked attack people stranded in a house, and this movie started of quiet well, the same as others like it but with the added twist that the woman is deaf,

however very quickly the mask is removed and the woman, in between her apple adverts she does through the movie, makes some strange decisions, but the 'killer' guy is so awful, he's not scary or clever, which would be fine but the movie tries so hard to make him both.

I thought the movie would use the fact that the main woman is deaf, to tighten suspense and tension, apart from the opening twenty minutes, they don't really make as much of this as they could of, and most the movie is just a man outside a house, and then trying to break in.

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not as clever as it wants to be, 8 July 2016

A well done movie, cast was good, setting was great,

the only thing that let this down was that there wasn't much of a storyline, which is kind a big thing when the whole premise relies on mystery and the eventual reveal of whats going on.

And when that does happen, it's the most basic explanation that you prob disregarded as you were expecting something really clever,

This is definitely worth a watch, I don't really like Tarantino and he does go off on his insistence to have people talk about nonsense for no reason, and that, like most of his movies, takes up most of the minutes in this one, but at least here it adds to the tension.

Triple 9 (2016)
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wtf?, 8 July 2016

Normally with these kind of disappointing big budget movies I ignore, but this one really annoyed me as the storyline was just so bad, it was awful, how did anyone agree to back it with dozens of millions?

Nothing happens in this, and when they try and make something happen, it doesn't, read the synopsis of the movie, and that's what happens, nothing more, so no need to watch.

the best thing about this film, not in a good way, is that Kate winslet is the head of the Russian mafia. And Woody Harrelson??? what are you doing?

To be fair there is enough action to keep you going so it's not a total waste of time

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