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Schuyler Van Alen has never fit in at Duchesne, her prestigious New York City private school. She prefers baggy, vintage clothes instead of the Prada and pearls worn by her classmates. Schuyler is an outcast at her school and only survives with the help of her best friend, Oliver Hazard-Perry. Her mother, Allegra, has been in a coma for years and her father, Stephen Chase, is believed to be dead. Schuyler lives with her grandmother, Cordelia, in a rundown mansion located in upper Manhattan. Although they share a home, Schuyler receives little affection from her grandmother. Mimi Force is the "It" girl at Duchesne and believed to be the most beautiful girl in New York's history. Rich, beautiful, smart and powerful, Mimi and her twin brother Jack are the most popular children at their school. Their father, Charles Force, owns a series of businesses and has a lot of influence in New York City. Bliss Llewellyn is a new girl at Duchesne. Big, curly red hair and cheer-leading moves are not as impressive in New York as they were in Texas. She quickly gets in the popular crowd by befriending Mimi Force, but later becomes good friends with Schuyler. Her father, Forsyth Llewellyn, is a senator. When Schuyler and Bliss turn fifteen, their lives change dramatically. They are invited to join "The Committee," which is made up of a select group of New York's oldest and most influential families, including Mimi and Jack Force. When Schuyler and Bliss attend their first meeting, they learn that they are vampires (or vampyres as Bliss liked to call herself), fallen angels known as Blue Bloods. They are born again and again, forever cursed to walk the Earth in a series of different lives, or "Cycles." Their current Cycle turns out to be an exciting one when they discover that their continued existence as Blue Bloods is being threatened by the Silver Bloods, Blue Bloods who have gone bad and are draining the life blood of other Blue Bloods. This is known as "Full Consumption" and allows the Silver Blood to carry the life and memories of their victim inside them forever.
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Writer: me (and my laptop)
Emma always had problem. She failed two marriages, her father married with younger woman even younger than herself, and two stranger comes into her life. They're Thomas, her anti-social new neighbour and Hunter, sadistic editor who really pissed her off, bad side they're friend. Then Emma knew that her life never same. This totally chiclit story but this story can be good chicklit
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Director: Steven Soderbergh
Cast: Look pictures below Lets i explained my story Steve brought his fiancee, Lily to his family house in London. Thomlin's family known as influential family but now everything was changed since their father passed away twenty years ago. Roxanne, their mother married with their estrange neighbour, Stuart. Steve had estranged and bad relationship with her brothers: Henry, James, Brian, and Daniel .Then Lily started to build strange and confussing relationship with James.
This movie isnt really usuall, story about big families with some ordinary problem and i want that movie as black comedy or dark comedy.
The brother had some issues but one by one they revealed family's secret then they realized they ened each other
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The Movie i want to see but never so just suggestion for made the cast.
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Rhys Johnson owned travel agency in Bali, Anne, her wife just leaved him with her bestfriend, Josh. Rhys then had important client named few: Regina Lockhart, heartless and playgirl, Regina's friend, Amelia Stones, Regina's rich and arrogant fiancee, Connor Madison, and Connor's dorky friend, Andrew. So what happen in Bali? Rhys faced two hard choices: Her love ( Amelia) or material (Regina) for made his business going strong.
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I cant thinking if seeing them in movie or series where they stared. What a hunk!!!