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I have decided to once again make a top 30. Like I have said before, this list is arbitrary and totally pointless.
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Another list for fun. Once again, this has no value, purely making it because I am bored. This changes on a day to day basis and I find it very arbitrary. Also the first four are the only ones "set in stone" on this list
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Just for fun, this is a constantly changing list, very arbitrary. I also am constantly watching new movies. And I know I come off as a annoying fan of Kubrick who raves over everything that person does just cause he did it, but I truly love all his work, just a coincidence it's all the same director.
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I decided to make a list of just movies I consider great(my opinion, and no one else) and with no order, because I think that is very arbitrary. Please comment!
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List I made a while ago, decided to publish, despite the list being changed. Look for the newer one by me.