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Evil Dead (2013)
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I am justified in giving this a 5. Here's Why!, 5 April 2013

My friend and I have been waiting for this movie for so long; we haven't seen the original, no, so this review in no way applies to the initial film or the storyline within that.

I was just like, "eh." That was the problem. My friend and I went in there ready to be terrified and screaming, but really there was nothing to scream at! It was definitely one of the most disgusting things either of us have ever seen - that goes without saying. But as far as scare tactics, I'm not sure where the critics are getting the feeling that it's "redesigning the horror genre."

Jane Levy, for one, was awesome. I believed every aspect of her story - possessed and not - from beginning to end. She really is on the rise. Lou Taylor Pucci comes in a distant second; at least he understands what it means to "feel" scared rather than "appear scared." Lucas, Blackmore, and Fernandez, however, each failed in some respect to deliver what was needed to be believable. If a girl, who is close to you, is cutting through her tongue in front of your face, don't you think you'd be doing a little more than breathing somewhat heavily and staring?

The last 10 minutes were by far the scariest. No spoilers here, but at least there was some edgy music and intense visuals to make it "scary" rather than "gory." Realism was also something that was unexpectedly found in this movie; every character had pretty good reason to do certain things or act certain ways, and each actor showed effort. Not all succeeded.

That's why I gave it a 5. Trust me: I have been waiting for this for months and honestly wanted so badly to run into my house when I get home, shaking, giving this film a 10 and rave reviews. I really did. Sometimes, though, too high of expectations lead to too much leeway for disappointment, and this was one of those times.

Go ahead - see it for yourself! It had it's moments. But as far as the critics reviews go, there's too much hype. Definitely worth watching for Levy's stunning performance, but not if you're waiting for pop-ups or heart wrenching scares. You'll be sick from this movie before you're trembling from this movie.

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Beautiful. Left Me Speechless and Overwhelmed., 24 March 2013

I do not even know where to begin, so I'm just going to head into this review full steam ahead.

I sat staring at my iO screen for 20 minutes trying to decide between watching this - which I hadn't really heard any review from - and Celeste & Jesse Forever. Instinctively, I went with this; I clicked Order and hoped for the best.

This was by far the most moving film I have ever seen. To give you a quick synopsis, our protagonist, Dodge, teams up with the overly optimistic and happy-go-lucky Penny, a fellow apartment complex resident, to travel to his high school sweetheart's house to tie loose ends before the world comes to an apocalyptic close.

Steve Carell truly nailed his performance. The audience watches his random heartbreak, internal conflict, and journey to love. Other reviewers have stated the film was "dull" and "weak" - but those reviewers also admit to fast forwarding and getting up. If they were smart, they would've waited, because that is all part of the film's magic. As a viewer, I felt like in the first 15 minutes I was at a standstill. I felt like I didn't even know what I was watching, almost uncomfortable. I can now say that was done intentionally. How would we respond to hearing about the world, that we live in, ending in our near future? With dullness, stillness, and discomfort. The weakness is really a success on behalf of the filmmakers; the viewer is a character in this madness. Steve Carell strengthens this to new extremes.

Keira Knightley is stunning. In physicality, but more importantly, in her character, Penny. I was instantly in love with this free willed, uppity character who says no to nothing but stands for everything good in this world: risk, love, spontaneity. Her mixed conflict juggling guilt, confusion, and optimism is portrayed impeccably through Keira's teary-eyed, heartfelt performance is truly astonishing; her ability to make the viewer feel as if they know her and relate to her is so beautiful and overwhelming. Again, the filmmakers did a wonderful job making the viewer feel as in love with her as other characters in the story are.

With these two spot-on, PERFECTLY cast performances, and a phenomenal vintage soundtrack to top it all off, I was left crying multiple times. I kid you not, I am a 16 year old male, cries at basically nothing, and sobbed the last ten minutes of the movie and countless times throughout. I highly recommend this to anyone who understands the underlying beauty in our hectic lives, and appreciates the time to take a step back and realize that life is short - and we are the lucky ones. Love carries us through life, and it is in that state-of-being where we are most in touch with humanity.

Moved. Touched. Overwhelmed. I will never forget watching this movie for the first time.

What would you do with the rest of your life if you had limited time left? After seeing this, I will make every second count.

The Call (2013/II)
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The Call is One to BEAT!, 24 March 2013

Before I start, let me just add that my friend and I have been waiting to see this film since we first saw the movie trailer two months ago. We were so afraid that it would take on the title of just being another decent flick with great actors... that is in no way what we got.

What a rush. This film had my friend and I literally holding onto each other's hands (and no, we're not dating) screaming and shrieking as the film took unexpected twists and turns every ten seconds. Here is why this film was the best we've seen of 2013 so far:

1) The acting was honestly brilliant. If this movie wasn't in this stereotyped drama and had a label of being a "horror" film, I guarantee you Oscars would be involved. If you were to add a drug-addicted mother or an estranged father or any other Oscar-worthy aspect of a film to this one, and we would probably be seeing nominations for both Berry & Breslin. So touching; so heartbreaking; so beautiful in an odd, unexpected way.

2) Realism. This film was not the typical romantic, idealistic type of horror film that us moviegoers see too often. Without giving away anything major, I will say this: everything that happens in this movie is completely realistic and in no way far-fetched. Each main and supporting character made decisions that HUMANS would make in this situation, not a fearless movie character. Real emotions are explored; real actions are taken; real words are spoken.

3) Lastly, the cinematography. Who's sick of the shaky, hand-held cam? I certainly am - unless you're looking at a girl in the back of a trunk. The use of hand-held is only used in the most action-packed, thrilling sequences - when necessary. Otherwise, the film takes on a beautiful intro overlooking the city and throws the viewer into an immediate pool of fear by what they even listen to in the first five minutes of the film. The steady camera made things seem stable, and the hand-held made things seem rushed or spontaneous. These choices fulfilled my expectations as a viewer, and made me a supporting role.

I cannot say enough amazing things about this film. It was truly a refreshing sight to see... a young actress turned emotionally adolescent; an Oscar winner strutting her well-deserved acclaim; an unknown actor portraying a truly troubled man in a non over-the-top way.

If you want to sweat, shake, and, yes, maybe even cry (we did at one part), then trust me... You've got great plans for tonight!

Fun Size (2012)
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AWESOME movie. Am I missing something?, 3 March 2013

After reading the reviews on IMDb, I was hesitant to watch the movie. I love every single actor or actress in the film, so I didn't understand why I was so nervous to order it off iO; however, I did it anyway, with the slight hope I'd get a really cool movie.

Am I glad that I ordered it. I watched the movie with my younger sister, 12, and I'm 16, and we both fell in love with this movie.

I get that the whole Nickelodeon-distribution thing is a bit weird for a movie that has some teenage elements involved. But, I don't think that such a trivial concern should make the move suddenly "terrible" - and here are the reasons why.

First off, there was not a boring moment in the film. Yeah, it was short, but I'd rather be left wanting more than being in a situation where I'm itching for it to end. It was short and sweet, and that was a good thing.

Secondly, each character was a different manifestation of high school: geeky, innocent, desperate, misunderstood. It was, to someone in high school, refreshing to see such existent stereotypes be brought to the screen.

Thirdly, the acting by each of the performers showcasing such stereotypes was genius. Victoria Justice fit the role perfectly, and showed the final need to move on from her past in an innocent yet heartfelt way. Jane Levy proved to both of us that she has a long career ahead of her, and spectacularly nails her role as the hungry-to-be-cool yet compassionate April. Thomas Mann, playing Roosevelt, shows off nerdy without overkill, and makes the audience root for him as the movie goes on. Chelsea Handler - Wren's mom - also nails her role, and makes us teenagers see that there will always be a time to grow up; her acting was really great in this!

Lastly, the music. The music was hip yet appropriate for the film's climactic moments, and groups like Sleeping At Last and Milo Greene orchestrate a perfect underscore to the coming- of-age film. It really puts the audience member into the situation - the crazy, adventurous, journey, for that matter.

For all of these reasons combined, I urge people to give this film the proper attention it deserves without judging it as a risky Nickelodeon move. Yeah, they cursed a few times, and some "older" subjects were discussed, but as my 12 year old sister can support, "I've heard worse."