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Rammbock (2010)
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A love story, 23 July 2011

A German zombie movie? It reminded me of the Spanish "REC". Good acting, though the actors are fairly unknown for the general public. Gory, but not too much (in a movie about zombies, I mean). It contains some of the typical issues in the genre, but yet the approach is quite original and new. Romero is still a must, but this one is worth watching too. Definitely, I must keep an eye on this director. It kept me tied down to my seat all way through. You end up thinking that this could happen. Also, am I the only one to think that this movie has something to do with the recent youth demonstrations in Northern Africa and Europe? All in all, what I most enjoyed about "Siege of the Dead" is that it is in fact a great story of love, that takes place in Berlin. You do not want to miss it!

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A good story about hope and forgiveness, against all odds, 3 April 2011

If this movie was not about the origins of a controversial institution (Opus Dei), and a controversial episode in European history (the Spanish Civil War), people would not have said many of the things that have been said. Encontrarás Dragones is not the official biopic of San Josemaría Escrivá, though everything that is narrated about him in the movie has a historical support. The movie is well directed, the photography is excellent and it's recreation of pre-war Madrid is simply astonishing. Besides, it is a story that compels viewers to consider topics such as forgiveness, love, hope, and goodness. A movie everyone should watch