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This is a list of my favorite Fantasy and Horror TV Shows. They are not based on critical acclaim or ratings, just on what I enjoy. Maybe you might see something you want to check out! These are not in any particular order.
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These are fantasy movies I've love from childhood and as an adult
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This list includes movies and television shows depicting periods either as historical fiction, or just fiction. These are my favorite and i hope you might see something you might give a look at.
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These are the actors I really enjoy seeing. They are my favorites, not anyone elses, so if your favorites aren't on here don't take it personally, these are just my favorites. Hope there are some you the list reader like too. These are in no particular order.
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Here is my list of the most beautiful actresses in the movies. This is my list so no offence intended if I leave some of your favorites off.
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I don't say these are the best movies in the world, but they are the movies that make me laugh every time I watch them! These are in no particular order
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These are movies that I found so awful they almost killed the movie going experience for me! I apologize if I slight someone else's taste here, as I know some of these are considered to be great films. I can only speak to my own reactions.
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Some of these are pretty creepy, some are funny and some are just plain odd, but these are my favorite horror movies.