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This is comedy gold, 16 November 2015

of course this will not appeal to everyone

the writing is great the delivery of the lines for an animations is stunning

I watched the first episodes as i was really struggling to find something to fill a gap and i found myself in tears of laughter at this.

hell even if i didn't find this funny it would rate about a 6 or 7 simply for the animation and voice acting

I need a mug and T-shirt now to show my fandom

I passed this around some friends of mine who i knew would appreciate this, and and low and behold it is a hit with them also

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terrific, 31 May 2015

Another winning Dexter style formula of hero, the wife and I enjoyed this program a great deal and think this is a winner.

Modern, gritty and self medicating

a good cast and well acted, the lead character is instantly likable and i know enough IT guys to see bits of some of them in there.

watching him act in peoples lives and his struggle with his own mind is quite a refreshing scene in this day and age, i grew up with mechano and buckets of lego, this generation has a world of knowledge and with the right know how can get under the skin of anyone they meet, scary and cool in a happy bundle

keep making this one!!

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so bad it is comedy, 23 June 2014

favourite line

"he survived five days out here with two broken legs and you shot him in the face"

a group of special needs students crash in a plane and struggle without their pop tarts

they are beyond imbecilic with about 99% of everything they do, they try to start a fire with their matches even though the plane wreckage is ablaze around them.

there are so many moments where you would want to shout at the TV screen why on earth are you doing that?

however to summarise it is one of those films where despite being trapped on a mountain in harsh conditions everyone remembered to do their hair and shave

oh and the one thing that got me that has not been mentioned in the post is a rescue team is hiking up there to find them, and she has the binoculars out watching a yeti pushing a piece of airplane fuselage over a cliff. this happens at night. then all of a sudden it is day time and the rescue team show up, what were those binoculars mini Hubble telescopes? because she was close enough to make out a great amount of detail.... never mind watch it if you want the laughs and the really bad cgi

"i can only assume it is some sort of large ape" - said another one of the retarded passengers who lacks any skills (these apes have 3 fingers on their badly made latex hands)

Odd Thomas (2013)
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nice adaptation, 11 July 2013

if you have read the books this is a pretty good adaptation

entertaining film

there are certain characters like his friend with the cat (Chester) which get almost no air time, pity it added a lot to Odd's character and what must have kept him sane all these years

worth watching, it keeps going and i would go an watch the sequels should they be made

they did the best they could with the book adaptation and internal monologue that the book relied on which a film generally struggles with

good effects and well cast

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real science? = lost common sense, 8 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sorry but reading reviews and people quoting real science:

Firstly, let me say it is watch able and i gave it a 5 it is not awful

OK my thoughts about the film, scientifically it is OK, but there are parts that made me rage and wonder why did they send this group of bungling twerps space bound.

space suits are pretty tough and do not just tear at slight scuffs from relatively blunt objects

if you space walk and do not attach yourself to the ship, you are going to have a bad time

a creature designed to capture underwater prey has no trouble going through meters of solid ice (even with underwater thermal activity) it is absolute zero above the ice will be pretty tough. even if they have special means to go above the ice, why would they? why would they even evolve this ice breaking trait? it just wouldn't happen

the pressure difference? the light difference? nice ideas behind it

but fly all that way with one probe? one lander? why was the lander even manned? vital equipment behind a tiny panel on the side of the ship?

sorry but it was a poor film average at best, they could have done much better things with this

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it is a zombie film, 8 July 2013

I went expecting a zombie film:

it delivered.

there are certain parts of it where i thought this is great, just what i wanted from a film of this ilk

there were towards the end parts where i thought is this the best they came up with?

If you are like me and watch a film (not expecting every single movie experience to be Oscar toting magnificence) and watch it for what it is generally trying to be from time vampire to thrill seeking then watch this film it is fine.

My only gripe is it is riddled with moments where people are trying to be quiet and make a stupid accidental noise. these became rather tedious .

liked the book and liked the film, generally worlds apart but all in all if you like zombie shooty action then this film will help you devour a bag of popcorn.

The Purge (2013/I)
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watchable but cliché, 26 June 2013

its OK, not quite as bad as people say, but watch it as it was intended just a take on an elitist new religion craziness

some parts will make you rage and the sheer cliché shock tactics like some stroppy girl marching about a house undersiege on her own.

the do the right thing undertones and you will only be human for 364 days of the year

the bits that i actually took away and did haunt me for several hours after the film (which leans me towards I must have enjoyed it on some level) was the scary portrayal of elite people justifying their needs to kill homeless and poor people. People treating this as a new religion quite far apart from the 'thou shall not kill' attitude that religion tends to have and replaces it with thou shall not kill, unless it is the designated 12 hour allotment.

essentially it came down to if you could kill once per year legally for a 12 hour period then the poor and homeless get crucified.

essentially the idea is OK, i liked some of the idea but it is riddled with holes and what ifs that if this were a reality would actually happen rather than the singular example of the film.

my biggest bugbear was they waited until the actual start of the purge to lock themselves in their armoured home, Christ i would have had that door down as soon as all family members were accounted for and left them closed way past the hour.

to me it was written by someone who was stoned when they came up with the idea and didn't really think the reality of it through.

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Average planetary disco romp, 6 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SO i saw this with a pretty pessimistic view

I was not blown away but i still think it is an average sci fi

I liked some aspects of the aliens like a pheromone based hunting thing, it was a nice bug hunting method which was actually not that bad an idea

so you have seen the trailer and you know they crash and off goes little will into the wild green yonder to activate some beacon

the stereotype of the beast on board that is now free was possibly the dullest thing they could have come up with.

some of the tech ideas i liked, his apparent go go gadget suit was good however a little bit of heating in the suit might have been an upgraded version but still in space yer think that sort of thing would be useful.

overall really average some good action scenes although not enough of them, just as the chase music starts the scene is over.

a twist you might ask? er not that i could see the closest thing was probably the cave paintings he discovers which might suggest that people are still there or it is before our current civilisation.

generally i watched it and didn't get an overwhelming urge to leave, so i did its job of mild entertainment

Oblivion (2013/I)
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Good action flick originality blurred, 17 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK so there are some points like why would an alien race pick on earth when frankly they could pick up everything from uninhabited planets and not have to tangle with 7 or 8 billion earthlings.

with that aside here are my thoughts:

I had low expectations so i was pleasantly surprised

good action flick mission impossible with a load of lasers thrown in, combine with ijetplane and idrone and voila nice shiny tech

it answers most of the viewers questions by the end

it does poach a few ideas from other films like moon and the twist is preeety predictable by all accounts, but maybe this is just how my mind works.

I enjoyed it for what it was and frankly you should too

my popcorn and I were an effective team.

tldr: action flick, alien twist, big names & ticks boxes

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Watch able but generally really bad, 17 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think I have seen it all, to do with aliens and invasion films and TV series.

This one has so many plot flaws holes in the storyline and not enough of the good stuff to make it worth watching.

please watch it and make your own mind up, however the thing that has put this TV series in the toilet for me is season 2

season 1 I soldiered through with a morbid fascination

season 2 is ruining pretty much everything.

let me summarise why I am so hideously annoyed with this TV series.

you are on the run from an alien menace who has laid siege to the planet and exterminated most of the human race. a small desperate band of survivors fight for their lives, with guerilla tactics and rugged determination...with me so far mix into this mix enough time in each and every episode to lay thick moral and soppy lovey story lines and you now have about 20% of every episode to contain the much loved alien bashing and shooty stuff 20%? you say cant be bad... do not be fooled of this 20%, 15% will be the thought of aliens being there and the 5% depending on which episode you watch will be the action I crave. The characters are moralistic and keep you thinking they are human, but basically in reality they would be long dead.. they march about in large well lit convoys and camps, their latest move was to set up shop in a hospital and not only did they turn all the lights on and sit around under the entrance well lit hospital sign they have been there for weeks. so call the aliens flawed if you like but spotting this group would be bleeding simple a simple fly by looking for bright lighthouse style beacons or simply follow the endless stream of motorbikes and other not so stealth vehicles blazing around firing guns and you have yourself one less resistance force. my friend and i took bets on how much of each episode we could switch off from the end and not lose any storyline about 10 minutes was the general estimate, of which those ten minutes contained woes of life before aliens or lost loved ones, no sign of cowboy up from any of the main characters except Ben. disappointed is an understatement they could do some great things, they kept this on TV and Cancelled V it is a travesty.

sorry if i offend any fanboys but it is a real disappointment for me

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