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Nick is one of the best actors of the last 30 years.
He's an unforgettable man and he will be always cool.
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Top 50 favorite actresses of the last 40 years.
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My favorite actors who were the greatest in the past and they will be also greater in the future.
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These movies are the best in the history of the motion pictures
and think may not to remake them because the first versions are the greatest and unforgettable.
Ben-Hur (1962) is already a remake movie but the first version wasn't 11 oscar won movie.
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I love those actors who can direct too.
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These actors and actresses were great movie stars before 20 or 30 years. There are some from them who are playing again in the first class movies but not like lead actors.
Doesn't matter because they are were great and they will be
great forever.
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I dislike these actors and actresses because they are so booring for me. Their performences could be much better.
I think Paris Hilton actually is not an actress just a celebrity.
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a list of 30 titles
I love the costume , dramatic movies from this age.From the first movie to the 4th movie are my kindest movies from this age. Time: around 1750-1850.
This is my favorite list which I've made on
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Vampire movies will be always my favorite.
Twilight saga is so boring for me that's why won't to find in this list.
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These movies are the best in this category but I think that some movies will be miss about this list. Please forgive me everyone if I forgot some great movies.
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Top 10 of the best bad guys of the past 30 years.