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My favorites are listed below from the date of their release with no particular order. Also there is short description on why they are in this elite class (At least some day I hope for all them to have descriptions)
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These are all the movies I have seen in 2012 listed form best to worst. This is on going list and order is subject to change.
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This is list of all the musicals I have seen starting with my favorite and so on. I have decided to leave out cartoons while I do admit there are some really good ones. Enjoy! (Note in some cases in no way am saying that it is a better movie. For example Once is not better than Singin' in the Rain. I just enjoy it better)
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My Favorite Directors. In no particular order
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This is best of the movies I have seen from 2011. It is from best to worst and there are still a few I need to add.
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This is my list of my top ten most anticipated the remaining of the year. Also this is how I predict my top ten will look at the end of the year. So it will be interesting to see if it happens.
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My Favorite Actresses.
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The top 100 movies according to the American Film Institute. This is the 10th Anniversary Edition done in 2007.