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These are my fav Indian actors who can 'kick ass'!!! Its my take on Indian actors whom I've seen acting. There may be many more actors from the regional films that i may have missed. Apologies...
But I made this list very sincerely so much so that I missed some of my fav actors in it!
These are actors who are currently active in Indian cinema!
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Top 100 of the Best Horror movies I've seen after 2000... I was dead scared during many of these movies!

This list has English, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, Swedish, Hindi n French movies... U name it and its there. Horror is my favorite genre and i don't miss any...

Exorcist, Bramstoker's Dracula, The Evil Dead, Psycho, Predator, The Thing, A Nightmare on Elm's Street.... are some of the older movies which I liked but this is Modern Horror!

I enjoyed watching all of these movies. I never get bored of watching good horror movies! There are very few of them which are equally good and scary...
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30 women under 30 years of age to look out for in the future... They are the 'Next Big Thing' of Hollywood.
They are the women of substance and they've got some big surprises for us in the future!

These gals make guys like me go weak on my knees!
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I've seen the trailers, teasers and the first looks of all these movies and i feel these are the top 30 movies I'm dying to watch this year... in the order that i put them in!
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These are some of the good enjoyable movies of 2011 and all of which i liked very much... It was a pretty good year actually with so many good films released in it!
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I'm crazy about TV n spend a lot of time watching it. Here's 50 of my favorite TV shows...

Sitcoms and Crime on TV interest me...
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These are my big freakin' disappointments of the year 2011... All of them sucked!!!

I expected most of these films to be something but in the end they turned out to be nothing... The others, well, were definitely meant to be boring!