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List of actors and actresses I personally like/liked the most. Some of them for their acting skills and others for being *beep* legends!
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Most of them were just so good at acting a *beep* or a loser in couple of their roles, that I actually developed real hatered towards their characters. Some of them I just hated for their face or presence. Not saying they're bad actors tho!
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Some might be obvious cult classics, while others total random-sounding picks that I personally found nothing short of amazing (be it for the cinematography, sound-design or acting)
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A list of movies I wouldn't have expected to actually be as good as they turned out to be.
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Where'd u find this?? (Some of them have had their best before-date way back, lol)
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Many of them might be far from "decent" in the eyes of critics, but I can watch them again and again from time to time and enjoy.