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The movies are IN NO SPECIF ORDER.
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This is the list of my favourite movies.
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This is a list of the TV Series I have watched and that I'm watching.

Tv Series I'm currently watching:
-New Girl (season 6)
-The Big Bang Theory (season 10)
-Supergirl (season 2)
-The Flash (season 3)
-Arrow (season 5)
-Legends of Tomorrow (season 2)
-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (season 4)
-The Walking Dead (season 7)
-Mom (season 4)
-Modern Family (season 8)
-Fear the Walking Dead: Passage (season 1)
-Legion (season 1)
-House of Cards (season 2)
-Arrested Development (season 1)
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These are my favourite TV series finales.
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The list goes from my favuorite Pixar short to my least favourite.
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This list goes from my favourite Pixar movie to my least favorite.