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Taking us to the Dust Bowl era, 12 July 2013

The wonderful thing about this serial is the location, cinematography.

The actors are brilliant, while i am watching this i felt that i am living with them. Ben and Samson characters did nice acting..

No wonder it won Emmy for cinematography, costumes, and hairstyling

It is too shame that HBO has to stop this, the same thing they did with Deadwood. Hoping they will change their mind. &heard there are more stories and characters to be introduced in later season.

If they cannot run the full season, don't start it. but i like HBO serials.. they are totally different from others.

"come-on children's"

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Brilliant story and graphics, little expanded episodes, 23 December 2012

Andromeda, all characters, acting, graphics, story line everything is perfect. Even though the connectivity between episode to episode will not be same.

who wrote the dialogue for Harper, brilliant voice and humorous dialogue, this kept this show alive.

And in final season two hot Androids, wow.. they fight they talk brilliant.

I hate to say i hate the character Bekka, still that is brilliance of the story and acting.

Till 3rd season Dilan seems okay, 4th he mostly using every episode to sleep with a hot chick.

over all worth watching, learn something about universe.

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Ever wished for a western movie running for a day, here it is.., 19 December 2012

Whenever i watch any western movie, i wish for long running time even thought it is only a wagon running or horse riding or coach journey. and i like the old days Western movie production, new one are not up to the mark. I didn't know about Wagon Train TV serial before, i accidentally watched Wagon Master, i impressed with the story and wagon master characters, so started searching something related, guess what i got "Wagon Train", i am watching it like a treasure map.

Each episode is beauty, as of now i am in season 1 episode 7. Brilliant. I can say this is one of the best TV serials i watched so far.

And also surprisingly in parallel i am also watching, Andromeda, Game of Thrones and Rome all are related to different periods.. cool.. i love this life. :) Thanks Youtube for Wagon Train complete episodes.

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The best TV serial i ever watched, 1 January 2012

I am the movie geek, i always expect the bad movie should run quick and finish as soon as possible. But for good movies i watch until the end title is over. But i am not big fan of TV serials.

One of my friends gave me the DVD and requested me to watch just the first episode of this serial, i said i have many things to do in Christmas holiday as a bachelor, but i promised him i will watch just first episode..

i passed 3 days out of my 10 days holiday, 4th day evening i started watching the first episode, today the 9th day of my holiday i am writing this review after watching all 4 season completely. The only thing i cannot do is stop watching the episodes and how while its ran on TV people waited one week to go to next episode.

I just going to do the same thing my friend did, recommending you to watch first episode and i bet if you like crime and suspense you never going to leave without completing it.

The character i mostly admired is Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller)but the character who did the best acting is Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell (Robert Knepper, amazing acting.

The best thing of this TV serial is the actors are best fit for their own characters. Nice work Team..