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I have tried to compile a list of English films which I consider to be truly sensational, in terms of their script/plot, performances, thrill element and/or pure entertainment value.

In short,these are my most loved films, in no particular order.

PS: Regularly updated, open for suggestions and recommendations
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This list comprises of films which I have personally enjoyed the most and are highly recommended for their story, subject, performances and entertainment quotient ( Not mindless entertainment by the way) Note - In no particular order and to be updated regularly
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A collection of some lesser known movies which truly deserve a watch and are highly recommended by me..!!
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I am an ardent fan of suspense movies - horror,mystery,mind twisting psychological thrillers,crime films,whodunnits and slasher movies..........and anything which keeps one on the edge of his/her seat. This is a list of the movies that I found out be the best in the stated genre Note : To be updated regularly, Suggestions are welcome..!! Cheers
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A list of the most talented actors currently working in the Indian Film Industry.

PS: Only includes people who can really "ACT"...!!!