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I love this Bond adventure, 15 November 2008

I was 3 when this movie was released and I can't quite remember what age I was when I saw it, but I've now seen it many times and I regard it as one of the best Bond films in the series. It's very much similar to the new QUANTUM OF SOLACE film but is able to take its time in between the action scenes and build the characters and develop the plot. Going through the series which I've done many times, I always love it when I get to the Dalton films, thats because though I liked Roger Moore, it just needed something fresh, and Dalton's take on it is very similar to that of Daniel Craig. This is a Bond who means business, he's a tough nut, and completely opposite to Roger Moore in every way. This films mixes together exciting action set pieces, a very good cast, a top notch script and two beautiful Bond women. The villain is also one of the best in the series. It's a shame Dalton didn't get to do any more Bond films, as he deserved to be in a couple more. If you like your Bond films gritty (ie FROM Russia WITH LOVE, CASINO ROYALE, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY) then you'll love this. It's a very refreshing Bond adventure and the perfect way to finish of the 80's for Bond. 8.5/10

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A Good Comic Book Film, 15 November 2008

This comic book film I was pleasantly surprised with. I missed it at the cinema and when it came out I bought it on BluRay and put it into my PS3. Now I'm not a major fan of the Hulk, I know of the comics, but I've never read them. Also as a kid I used to catch the show on a weekend, which I thought was fun. Then in 2003 I watched the HULK on DVD one night and I was a little disappointed, as a film I found it quite boring, and not on the same level as Spider-Man, Blade and X-Men that had been released prior to that. So here came the new rebooted HULK, which I'd only saw one trailer for and I thought it looked decent. I put the film on, and I enjoyed it from the get go, the scenes in Brazil are very gritty and Edward Norton does a good job letting us feel what he's feeling as he's trying to hold the HULK inside of him. The film picks up soon after when the army track him down and the adventure begins. The films action set pieces are very well done, much improved on ANG LEE's version, and the dramatic scenes play out very well as well. The special effects are good, not perfect but very good. The cast all do a very good job on the film. It wasn't obviously as great as THE DARK KNIGHT or IRON MAN but its a very entertaining film and I hope that they get to take the story further in another adventure for the HULK. 8/10

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An Great Reinvention of Bond, 15 November 2008

This is a great reinvention of the Bond series. What's great about the Bond series is it's ability to change with the times, and it's great watching the Bond films from DR NO through to the latest installments, because you get to witness the decades go buy, and different types of Bond films from classic Bond (GOLDFINGER, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, GOLDENEYE) to gritty Bond films (LICENCE TO KILL, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, FROM Russia WITH LOVE and now this, so there's always something for everyone). I have to confess I'm a Pierce Brosnan fan, mainly because I was 9 when I went to the cinema to see GOLDENEYE with my Dad (though he told me to lie about my age if asked at the cinema since it was a 12), so he is the Bond of my era. But that doesn't mean from the get go I didn't want Daniel Craig, I knew he could be a great Bond because he's such a great actor, obviously I didn't think he looked like a Bond, but watching this movie I really began to like his Bond. That doesn't mean he's my favourite, because like people who grew up with Connery will always say Connery is the best, I'll always list Brosnan as my favourite. But Craig's performance is solid, he does lack the sauveness of Brosnan, but he's more gritty and when he kicks ass he's so believable. He's absolutely fantastic in the action sequences, and this film has some great action sequences, especially one of my favourite Bond sequences near the beginning in Madagascar, you'll see why. This is the 21st installment, and a fresh start for Bond, kind of a first episode in a second series of Bond films, with the first 20 being series one. 8.5/10

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Simply Awesome, 15 November 2008

I am a major fan of BATMAN BEGINS, which I thought was just a terrific movie on all levels. So I had huge expectations for this movie. So I went to see THE DARK KNIGHT on opening day in IMAX and boy it didn't disappoint. It was fantastic from the get go. It was so good I went to see it again in IMAX a couple of days later.

Once again the cast are all top notch, each bringing class to their respective roles. Christian Bale again plays BATMAN, and though he is overshadowed by the sublime performance by Heath Ledger as the JOKER, he is once again terrific as both BRUCE WAYNE and BATMAN, firmly establishing himself as my favorite of all the actors to play THE DARK KNIGHT.

The supporting cast of Michael Caine (ALFRED), Morgan Freeman (LUCIUS FOX), Gary Oldman (JAMES GORDON) and Aaron Eckhart (HARVEY DENT) are in top form.

The direction is great, Christopher Nolan has fast turned into one of my favorite directors. All five films (BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT, MEMENTO, THE PRESTIGE and INSOMNIA) of his that I've watched have all been great films.

The films running time is at 150 minutes, which can normally drag a film on, but not this. Each passing minute on screen is a joy to be hold.

This is an epic movie on all levels, and in today's market it cost only $185m to make, which is astonishing compared to $230m which is what QUANTUM OF SOLACE cost, and that doesn't go anywhere near the quality of this film.

I've already seen this film 3 times, and I've preordered it off Amazon for its release on December 8th. For a film of this beauty Blu Ray is the only option when buying this.


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Not a Good Exit For Brosnan, 15 November 2008

I feel really sorry for Pierce Brosnan, because he had made three very good Bond films but this was very silly. The plot was extremely bad, the special effects were the worst I've seen for a film of that time, and it really cheapened the film. I hated the villain in this film, Toby Stephens is a decent actor, but he plays this villain terribly. The film did start promisingly, though I didn't buy the surfing sequence, I loved that Bond had for once been captured. The film isn't all bad, the locations are beautiful, Pierce Brosnan is still great as Bond, though he's clearly put weight on the waist, compared to GOLDENEYE. The action sequences are entertaining, the bond women aren't the worst in the Bond series. The sets are great, in fact the film had all the ingredients to be a good Bond film, but it just became very silly like a 70's Roger Moore Bond film. I mean the invisible car just summed this movie up. Its a huge shame for Pierce Brosnan because he was a great Bond, he's my favourite has he was the Bond I grew up with, I was 9 when GOLDENEYE was released, and 16 when this came out, so he was my Bond. 5.5/10

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A Good Bond Adventure, 15 November 2008

This is the second time I had gone to the cinema to see a James Bond adventure, first when I was 9 when I went to see GOLDENEYE. That is a film I hold close to my heart, and its follow up that I had rented back in early 98 when it was released on VHS, TOMORROW NEVER DIES I had enjoyed very much. Though watching this film it was very different to the previous two entries. It had a different look about it, and it was a little more intense compared to TND. The opening sequence was great fun, making sure the film hit the ground running. After the credit sequence the film slowed down for a short while but this allowed character development and the plot to move forward, something I wished the fun but chaotic film that is QUANTUM OF SOLACE had. Pierce Brosnan is once again fantastic as Bond, I love his portrayal as it as a bit of everything. Sophie Marceau as Elektra King is one the best Bond Girls in the series, she's a fantastic actress and there's really great chemistry between her character and James Bond. Denise Richards has Christmas Jones isn't as great, but by no means is she bad. She's given little to do when she's finally introduced in the film apart from being there so Bond can rescue her, abit like the main Bond woman in A VIEW TO A KILL. Robbie Coltrane plays Valentin Zukovsky, and he does a great job playing a man who feels nothing at all. He doesn't go over the top with the character which keeps it grounded considering his character as a far fetched story of being shot in the head but the bullet hasn't killed him, instead he can push him harder, faster and stronger to the day he dies. Judi Dench as M is her usual fantastic self, given more screen time here compared to the previous two films. And its a sad farewell to Desmond Llewelyn (Q) and the film says goodbye to him in the perfect way. This is a great adventure, a solid film, its just a shame that Pierce's Brosnan's Bond era ended with the silly DIE ANOTHER DAY. 7.5/10

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Good follow up to GoldenEye, 15 November 2008

Unfortunately I never got to see this at the cinema. I did rent it out though once it was released (back in the days of VHS!!). On the first viewing as an 11 year old I liked the film but I didn't like it as much as GoldenEye (that had been my first ever cinematic Bond adventure and I loved the N64 game). These days I see it has a classic Bond adventure, its got the gadgets, the diabolical villain, and the best Bond since Sean Connery, though it lacks a classic Bond girl, has Teri Hatchers role was very small (though I did love the scene in the hotel room, classic Bond moment there) and Michelle Yeoh was not a Bond girl in any sense, but I did love her part as it brought something different to the franchise. The actions scenes are top notch (and over the top but thats the fun of watching a James Bond film). The car chase and then later on the bike chase are fantastic scenes, and Pierce Brosnan is just so suave as 007. There's two types of Bond adventures, the classic Bond (GOLDFINGER, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME for example) and then the more gritty Bond (CASINO ROYALE, LICENCE TO KILL, FROM Russia WITH LOVE). This falls into the classic Bond. I do like both types, as it always keep the Bond series fresh as it changes over the decades. If your a Bond fan who doesn't like the classic Bond then this isn't a film for you, your best sticking to the (FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, CASINO ROYALE) gritty Bonds. But if you like a good old classic James Bond adventure then this is for you. 8/10

GoldenEye (1995)
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First Cinematic Bond Experience, 15 November 2008

When this movie came out I was 9 years old, my Dad had told me to lie about my age if someone asked as the film was a UK12. Growing up obviously I had seen all the bond films on TV at some point, so at 9 I had a good idea what James Bond was about. As a kid I had loved Roger Moore's bond films, because as a kid they were just fun films to watch, with classic villains like Jaws. So, this was my first visit to the cinema to watch James Bond on the big screen, and I remember the excitement I had when the gun barrel sequence came up. The opening sequence in the movie was fantastic, terrific introduction to Pierce's Brosnans Bond era. Over the years I have watched this movie countless times, I loved the GoldenEye game on N64, and for me it has always been my favourite Bond movie. I grew up with Pierce Brosnan as Bond, and I think he is the perfect Bond. I've got every Bond film on DVD, including Casino Royale on Blu Ray and every year or so I go through the series and watch them all. Obviously each Bond brings something different to the series, and Pierce was just fantastic (I just wish Die Another Day hadn't turned out the film it was because I thought his first three were all very good films in there own right, but the 4th kind of put a bad mark on Pierce's reign). Obviously Bond these days have gone in a different direction just like FOR YOUR EYES ONLY did after MOONRAKER, but thats whats great about watching the series, Bond changes with the times. I loved CASINO ROYALE and I thought QUANTUM OF SOLACE was a good film, and I do like Mr Craigs portrayal as Bond, but during QoS I was just wishing for some of Brosnans charm and in between the action set pieces. 8.5/10

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Great finish to Casino Royale, 31 October 2008

Went to see this first thing yesterday. After the film finished I was a little confused as to whether I liked the film. I think this was due to the fact that the film was extremely fast on the action, meaning there was probably at most 5 minute intervals between each action sequence.

Another thing that bugged me was that watching Daniel Craig I didn't feel like I was watching James Bond. Then after thinking about it, this and CASINO ROYALE was a break away from the traditional James Bond, and it was a breath of fresh air. Don't get me wrong, one day I would love to see a classic James Bond back, but in this period I'm liking Mr Craig's portrayal.

Considering where James Bond was left in CASINO ROYALE, Mr Craig plays the part perfectly here, this is a man who until recently got his 00 status, so he's still rough around the edges, and he's a man desperately seeking revenge. So for that I understand his lack of humor on James Bond's part.

This is a film I think I'll need to see again to appreciate it a bit more, because like I said the film moves along so fast that you actually miss out on a few things. Now the gun barrel sequence, it was a shock when it didn't appear at the beginning, but keeping in mind this is a direct sequel to CASINO ROYALE, it was understandable, I consider this it's second act, therefore it didn't need to be at the beginning of the movie as it picks up minutes after the events of CASINO ROYALE.

There are bad things about the movie, namely the villain, he's not a strong enough villain for a James Bond film. I also didn't like the new look of M16 HQ. The credit sequence I did like, including the title song. Judi Dench as M was as fantastic as ever. In all her six Bond appearances, she has never let her role down. The action set pieces are fast and exciting.

Though the running time was short for a Bond film at only 105 minutes the film never felt short in any way.

In summing up the movie, it closes off the events of CASINO ROYALE very well, and makes a very good addition to the Bond franchise.


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Came out good in the end, 24 October 2008

I must admit that at first I really struggled to get into this film. Going into it I had never seen the cartoon, and didn't know much about it, hadn't even seen the trailer. Anyway, 40 minutes into the film and I was fearing the worst, that there was still 80 minutes left and should I sit through it or give up and put my time to better use. Thankfully I chose the first option, because the film really picked up, and by the end I was cheering on Speed Racer! The films first act can get quite confusing, because it's dealing with flashbacks. But come through that and the 2nd and 3rd acts of the film are extremely entertaining. It's a film I'd like to give a second viewing. 7/10

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