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Good Show to Watch......For Now, 3 April 2010

After watching this show for the first time, I found this interesting. This gives a chance for a company CEO work in the "front lines" and see how things in the company are really like,see the good and bad things that happen in their company, but most of all, they can see that they have great employees and talented ones that could be a great asset to them, but they never had a chance to display their talents. Along with the good, there are the bad ones that could hurt their company. This is something that they may not know or realize it. In addition, I found it interesting to hear some of the employees stories.

Another thing I can agree with in the beginning of the show they say "CEOs are "out of touch of their own companies", but I would go a little further in saying that odds are, some of these CEOs aren't in touch at all, because odds are, some of them have never spent an hour in the "front lines". They may have come out of business school, right to the corporate office, so they truly do not know or understand what it's like to work in their company.

The concept you are seeing in this show is something that is not really new. The former owner and CEO of Godfafther's Pizza embraced this philosophy back in the 80s and 90s.

As much as I enjoy watching this show, I wonder how long will it last, because as this keeps going on, I can see the employees will eventually start to figure out that the new hire brought in, is the CEO of that company and those employees will be on their best behavior to look good and this is where this show can lose it's realism. Hopefully, this will last, but only time will tell.

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Wonderful Performance by Whoopi, 25 January 2010

In this one woman show Whoppi Goldberg did on Broadway, she had shown how versatile she could be when she took on characters like the Surfer Chick and Fontaine for example.

As Fointaine (one of my personal favorites), I loved it when he/she sang "Around the World in Eighteen (expletive) Days". The story "Fontaine" tells about leaving the US to travel to Europe was funny, but then it turns depressing when he/she talks about and describes visiting the Anne Frank Museum; She learns about Anne Frank; How she and her family hid from the Nazis; Being found by the Nazis and finds out about her eventual fate. It's amazing how she goes from funny to sad quickly.

Another favorite character was the "Surfer Chick". If you never saw her doing this and just listened, you may have never guessed it was Whoopi. The voice was very believable. It was funny when she would say "He said okay; I said okay; Okay, Okay, Okay"; Very funny. But just like "Fontaine", the story would go to funny to depressing when she talks about being pregnant; Her boyfriend leaves her when he finds out and she has to make a tough decision of either keeping and raising the baby by herself at a young age or getting an abortion.

The two characters mentioned stood out the best more than any other, because although they may be fictional, they were very believable. You laughed during the funny parts and you could feel the pain and hurt during the sad moments.

This early performance by Whoopi was one of her best. I believe this performance i out of print, but if you manage to find a copy; Watch it. It's worth it.

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Could've Been a Good Show, 9 May 2009

In this Jeffersons spin off and Marla Gibbs vehicle, this was a show that could've been good, but it wasn't.

It had a good start and cast with Marla Gibbs as the same wise-cracking Florence Johnston and Larry Linville as Lyle Block; A cross between George Jefferson and a somewhat mellow Frank Burns. The two played well off each other; The problem was, both had very little to work with. The lines hey recited ranged to mediocre at best to bad. One that sticks out was in the pilot, where Lyle Block (Linville) says to Florence (Gibbs), "so in other words, tough noogies", which Florence responds by saying, "isn't it time for you to watch the Muppet Show??" That produced a lot of laughs in the beginning, however, the problem was that was probably the best line uttered on the show; It was repeated on every episode and hearing it got old very quickly.

With two brilliant comedic actors in Gibbs and Linville and some decent writing this show could've gone places, but it didn't have that and it wasn't a surprise when CBS dropped it after 4 episodes.

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A decent, Funny Show, 26 December 2008

In this Jaleel White vehicle, this show was decent and for the most part funny. It may not be a great show, but it was enough for me to be able to watch it and I enjoyed it.

The problem with Jaleel White it seems like people can't see him beyond Steve Urkel and this could be his curse. This show had shown he can be more than Urkel and be good at it, but I'm guessing that all people will see him as nothing but Urkel, in addition to being on a network (UPN), which will mean not too many people will see it. If you had given it a chance and look at White beyond Urkel, it may have been a show that people might enjoy.

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Funny, Sad and Something to Think about, 16 November 2008

Watching this movie, had me laugh, be sad, but most of all something to think about, all rolled into one.

Howard and Carter get the news that everyone dreads to hear; Their mortality. Carter starts writing up a bucket list of things to do before he "kicks the bucket". Howard convinces Carter to do it and they both try doing these things right now, before they die and leave the hospital to do it.

I liked the ending because it was very touching and it gave you a laugh as well. The best part about is, when you laugh, it doesn't totally eclipse the feeling of the scene; You still feel sad, but you feel like it's okay to laugh as well

The beauty thing about this movie is, it gives you something to think about. Even though you may receive that horrible news, you should try and live whatever time you have left, to the fullest, do the things you want to do before you die and find joy in your life.

My thoughts after the movie is, why wait until we receive that news? Why not write up your "Bucket List" and do those things now while you have your health. There's always the possibility in life you may die tomorrow and not get the chance to do it.

THIs is a great movie and to have in your DVD library is a must.

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Bravo Bravo!!!!, 2 November 2008

I found this one night when I was channel surfing and thought I'd give this a shot since I like Gershwin songs and I loved what I saw in this tribute musical to the Gershwin Brothers. The play is funny and the music was well sung. Lori Alexander's rendition of "Someone to Watch Over me", gave me a smile and when she sang "I've Got Rhythm"; It was so rousing it made me want to stand up and cheer when she and the cast finished. Not to mention,Bruce Adler singing "Nice Work if You Can Get it" was a beauty piece as well.

I was lucky to tape the rebroadcast, but lost the tape years ago. I wish this could be on DVD, since this was brilliantly done.

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Hysterically Funny....For Now, 8 October 2008

After watching the pilot episode, I found myself laughing hysterically as I saw Sam Briggs go through one mishap after another, while he's trying to make a good impression with his girlfriend, Melanie Clayton's parents.

In addition, who else could could play the role of Melanie's rigid father, Dick Clayton, better than Kurtwood Smith? He has always made me laugh back when he played "Red" Forman in That 70s Show. I can't think of anyone better who would be a better fit for the role.

Although I enjoyed this show immensely, I have one reservation, which is, will I still enjoy it six months from now, or will I want to watch something else? It's funny as I mentioned watching Sam go through one mishap after another and watching things go from bad to worse, but will the one thing that makes this show successful be it's downfall? It may come to a point, where it may not be funny anymore, just like Kenny McCormick on South Park when he died in every episode. Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker once found it funny, but after awhile it was no longer funny to them, trying to find new ways to kill Kenny, so they killed him off for good. This is what I fear what will happen to the show as things start becoming predicable and unfunny. Will the show find the same fate as Kenny? Only time will tell.

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Inspirational and a Pleasure to Watch, 14 September 2008

This was a movie that was highly recommended to me by a good friend and I'm glad to say I saw it.

This was a movie that tells the story of Walter Gretzky suffering a stroke, along with the struggles and triumphs he had to deal with since then. I can remember first hearing about this when it actually happened, but I knew little of it.

This movie is special to me in a way, because being a stroke survivor myself (going on four years now), I can relate to some of struggles Mr. Gretzky had to deal with and it has inspired me to go out and try to do the things I used to do once again (If I can ice skate and play hockey again, I'd really be happy!!!).

Although my stroke was not as big as Mr. Gretzky's, I've had to deal with problems (and still do) in life. At times I can get so frustrated and I've had the feeling to quit on some things at times. This movie is a reminder to me that things can get better and to keep trying.

After watching this film, I bought the DVD and it's something I can watch again and again. It's a keeper.

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Refreshingly Funny, 10 July 2008

I found this documentary to be refreshingly different, where it profiles five different Arabic/Muslim stand up comedians. It shows them in a different light, where if you think of an Arabic and/or Muslim person, the first thing that may come to mind are stereotypes such as terrorists, taxicab drivers, but stand up comedians? I thought just like others would be no way, considering what you see on the news, TV or movies.

As a fan of stand up comedy, prior to seeing this documentary,I have never really heard of any Arabic/Muslim comedians, with the exception of Dan Ahdoot, but I found my sides aching from laughter the whole time I saw this.

Each comedian tells their story of why they became a stand up comic, living in the post 9/11 world, as well as their ambitions, such as Maysoon Zayid, hoping to get into acting.

This documentary is worth watching and will have you laughing. My favorite is Ahmed Ahmed telling the story on why he took the role of Terrorist #4 in the Kurt Russell movie, "Executive Decision", despite the negative stereotypes the movie can promote.

If you are a fan of stand up comedy like me, this is a documentary you should watch. Better yet, buy the DVD; It's a keeper.

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Silly,Crazy, Insane, Yet Fun To Watch, 25 June 2008

Normally, I'm not a fan of reality TV shows, but this one I found it fun to watch.

A group of contestants, who have no idea what and where they're going, find themselves headed off to Tokyo, Japan to participate in one of those crazy Japanese game shows and this competition has a flavor of Survivor, or Last Comic Standing, where the contestants compete in teams, doing crazy challenges, Japanese style, where the winning team is rewarded, but the losing team goes through a "punishment" type of thing, once again Japanese style. It can vary, like being rickshaw operators in the streets of Tokyo for example, then the losing team is back in the studio and two will compete head to head in an elimination match, where one will go home. In the end, only one will remain and can say they survived a Japanese game show.

Before I've watched the first episode, I've seen one of these game shows before, where the things they have the contestants do can boarder on insanity,some even dangerous, but can have you laughing to no end.

This is a game show as I mentioned is silly, some can even say moronic. This is a show that is not for everyone. I wouldn't say Emmy material, but if you want to have fun, laugh and have a good time, this is a show to watch.

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