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An 80s cartoon classic loosely based on The Borrowers!, 10 January 2004

This is DIC's first animated show (with the second being Inspector Gadget) and it first premiered in September of 1983 on ABC. This series focuses on one particular family of Littles - Grandpa, Mom and Dad, Dinky, and the two youngest: Tom and Lucy. In their quest to become productive adults, the Littles and their 12-year old huge friend Henry face the same kinds of problems that young children face every day - issues of friendship, jealousy, honesty, prejudice, consideration for others, kindness, responsibility, risk-taking ... and more. Each episode of the Littles focuses on one such issue, presenting it in explicit, concrete terms. And young, attractive characters with whom children can identify carry out these actions, they serve as excellent role models for young viewers. Younger and older children, boys and girls, loners and social butterflies...all can find a character with whom to identify and from whom to learn. And last but far from least, the character of Grandpa, a wise, experienced, older Little who clearly loves and cares for the Little kids, functions as the kind of non-threatening, non-didactic teacher to whom children respond. He frequently articulates the lesson inherent in the action as he interacts with and advises the Little children. He is the best kind of teacher. The exciting adventures of the Littles and the suspense generated by their frequent narrow escapes from Dr Hunter are designed to capture and hold young viewers' attention. The explicitness with which each lesson is articulated and role models with whom children can identify are designed to ensure that children note and understand the embedded pro-social content as they derive delight from the action. I definely remember watching this when it was on The Family Channel (I was 4 at the time)and later on Toon Disney. it was very funny and cute especially when Dinky was doing his own stunt show until it when out of control and went up to flames. Now that this show is currenly in syndication and on DVD, you'll be able to catch all the fun. Whenever you are big or little, it always a treat! From DIC Animation City, in association with ABC Productions (American Broadcasting Company). Joe's Rating: 4 stars.

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Plucky Duck's short-lived show!, 28 December 2003

The Plucky Duck Show premiered on FOX's Saturday Morning lineup (a.k.a. FOX KIDS NETWORK)on September 19, 1992. It includes the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures which premiered a week before this show aired(after there two-season run in first-run syndication).

It started with the following episode of "The Return of Batduck". Buster and Babs Bunny (no relation?) are taking a break off and Plucky Duck decided to have his 'own' show but he overhears that Director Tim Burton is directing a new Batman movie (which explains how Batman Returns was made and came out the same year). So with his pal Hampton, they went off with a limo to the Warner Bros. Studios Lot to meet Tim Burton so he can get a screen test on his part as "Batduck". The funniest part in this episode is where Plucky and Hampton explored down the sewer with a bunch of celebrity personalities as well as the search of the Bat cave and the screen test shot of his part.

During its short-lived run, the total of 12 of these episodes were just constant repeats of all Plucky Duck cartoons that has been shown on Tiny Toon Adventures. To make it that way, FOX urgently canceled the show due to their average of low ratings in the Nielsen chart listings. This was also there last run of Tiny Toon Adventures starting with their Christmas Special that aired on December 6, 1992 at 7:00pm prime time.

Even for that, this was a good short-lived show for Plucky Duck which proves the point that he CAN become a star!

Joe's Rating: 3 Stars

A wonderful japanese cartoon that first launched Nick Jr., 29 August 2003

The Adventures of the Little Koala was definely the show that took koala bears family including other animals in very mysterious adventures. Not only that, this was the show that first launched the whole Nick Jr. block along with Maple Town, as well as other show that keep running like The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Pinwheel, and more back in 1987.

The show focused on the family and friends of Roobear, the title koala, as they learned weekly life lessons. Roobear lived with his parents, Mommy and Papa, and his little sister, Laura. The playful marsupial also had friends aplenty: Pamie and Nick, the penguins; Floppy and Mimi, two rabbits; Betty, another koala; Walter the kangaroo; Duckbill, a platypus; Kiwi, a kiwi bird; Miss Lewis, a reporter; and of course a mysterious cat in a brown coat with a brown hat and a blue mitt named Weather.

Of course, not all the animals could enjoy peaceful company, and the bane of Roobear's existence were the Dead End Kid kangaroos-Walter, Colt and Horsie. They were the bullies of this magical world, and though they were drawn in the same endearing children's book illustration style, they provided the edge to stir up trouble.

A Japanese import of all kind, The Adventures of the Little Koala made Nickelodeon a thing of the past. The next year has brought us another Koala show called Noozles which was also a very cute show.

I definely remember that show, it was my childhood memories I grew up with especially for Nickelodeon. During the last showing in 1993, I really miss this show but then after 8 years ago, I found an older print of the show on video at my local video store. I was so happy, I had to buy it so I can see this wonderful show just like I have watched it when I was a little kid. It really was one of the first shows I have discovered Japanese Animation known as anime.

>From Tohokishinsha Animation. A Cinar Production in association with Viacom International Inc.

Joe's Rating: 4 stars.

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A very cute cartoon from the creator Rosemary Wells., 27 August 2003

When I was a kid, I used to read some of her books. My favorites were "Timothy Goes To School" and "Max & Ruby". After years ago, they now have a series out of those two with Timothy on PBS Kids and Max & Ruby on Nick Jr. Those were my childhood memories as I read those books at my school and at home.

It's about two bunnies of a brother and a sister with a 3-year old named Max and a 7-year old named Ruby. They go out of some of their playful times together especially when Ruby takes Max on other things like play games and toys at their home, camping out outside with her friends and do lots of things brothers and sisters can do with each other.

Even now at my older age, I found this show very cute just like how the book was supposed to be and it teaches on how brothers and sister get along with each other by playing and have fun together. If you grew up and love the book, you should watch this series. It's really fun!

From Treehouse in association with Nelvana Ca Limted. A Corus Entertainment Company.

Joe's Rating: 4 stars.

"All That" (1994)
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The original All That from 1995-1998 are the best!, 27 August 2003

In my opinion, The Original All That from 1995-1998 were the best years for Nickelodeon! It was fresh, original, and most of all is funny! After the replacement of "My Brother and Me" (which was replaced by Roundhouse and lasted for 13 episodes)on the 8:30pm time slot. SNICK decided they needed their third sketch-comedy to come on their scheldule. It was Michael Tolin, Brian Robbins, and Dan Scheidner (Both from Head of the Class)first production they had for Nickelodeon with the launch of their production company Tolin/Robbins Productions.

During those years it was the kind of sketches where you can laugh on whenever is parodies of all comics and shows from time to time and lots of stuff along with the theme song by TLC. It's like the Saturday Night Live for kids and teens! But in a kinder way. It was the time when it became a hit for Nickelodeon!

The Original Cast Members: Angelique Bates, Lori Beth Denburg, Katrina Johnson, Kel Mitchell, Alisa Reyes, Josh Server, and Kenan Thompson. Along with the Bald head Stage Manager Kevin Kopolow.

The Sketches: Superdude, Cooking with Randy and Mandy, Talk with Dr. K, Okrah, Mrs. Piddlin's Class, Good Burger, Cereal Critics, Cheese Police, The Lemonade Stand Girl, The Island Girls, Coach Greeton, Vital Information with Lori Beth Denburg, Repairmanmanmanman! and more.

The Later Cast Members: Amanda Bynes, Danny Tamberelli, Leon Frickerson, and Christy Knowings. With the helping of Zachery Lemore Tricia Dickson in 1997.

Their sketches: Ask Ashley, Star Drek, Whateverr, Fat Cop, Have a good time with Leroy and Fuzz!, and more.

Of course after the show is the musical guests that was from Rap and R&B. But let's not get into this one.

At that point those were the best years of All That with the moving from Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida to the Aquariums Theatre now known as Nickelodeon On Sunset in Hollywood, California. When the show got popular, both Kenan Thoompson and Kel Mitchell became famous as they had their own spin-off called "Kenan & Kel" in 1996 as well as their own movie that inspired the sketch from that show called "Good Burger" in 1997. It was the years when it was fresh and fun and that's how it was cause it was ALL THAT!

From Tolin/Robbins Productions in association with Nickelodeon Productions

Joe's Rating: 3 Stars.

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Tiny Toons in their very own movie!, 24 August 2003

In 1990 during the popularity run of Tiny Toon Adventures, The creators including Steven Spielberg, Katherine Kennedy and Frank Marshall were thinking on filming their own full-length movie so they made it enough for summer theatrical release in July of 1991 unforturnally, Warner Bros. quickly pull that project off the premises and decided to wait until May of 1992 when they finally released this movie stricly direct-to-video. Later in 1993, they spun off as separate episodes with some of the scenes were cut from the movie.

Its about how the Tiny Toons were still in school as their last day waiting for the clock to strike three as school will be over enough for a summer vacation, Plucky and Hampton along with his family were going on a long car trip to Happy Go Land while Buster and Babs were in a water gun fight until in went overboard as they took a mainstream along with Byron to a river with many creatures on the other side including a rat playing his banjo, the alligators and a Cruse full with people like them. Meanwhile, Shirley and Foulmouth went together to go see a movie called "Skunkaphobia" where he was rudely talking through the movie, Elmyra is trying to find a pet at a trip to the Zoo, and Fifi was trying to find her favorite fan name Johnny Pew. Of course even though one of the toons were focus on their trip, other of the toons were spending time including Dizzy Devil as his fur sheds.

This movie has a full of parodies and lots of memorable quotes that can fit into 80 mintutes of pure fun! It's the kind of movie where you can see a lot of adventures on how they spent their vacation. If you love the show and you are a fan of it than this movie is definely for you.

From Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Amblin Entertainment. Not Rated, 80 minutes, Dolby Stereo.

Joe's Rating: 3 1/2.

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A really good show on the hands of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell., 31 July 2003

In the moment of many classic team duos with Laurel and Hardy and Abbott &

Costello, it makes a great team as Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were in

fame together. During the time Kenan first appeared in D2: The Mighty Ducks

and Heavyweights, he then joined in the original cast of All That with the helping of Kel. The sketches they have done were original and fresh that all of a sudden, they became famous as Nickelodeon decided to have a series of their own as a

spinoff and that's Kenan & Kel.

Kenan Rockmore is a high school student and a grocery worker at Rigby's

Grocery Store in Chicago with his manager Chris Potter. His family The

Rockmores live in a fancy apartment with his mom Sheryl, his dad Roger, and

his younger sister Kyra. He hangs out with his friend Kel Kimble and they go out and do some scheming and other kind of stuff that pokes all the fun.

This show is so hillarious you can even tell is really funny with all the slapstick you ever want, plus there is many famous lines on the show that many sitcoms

ever do in a living like Kel saying his famous quote: "Who Loves Orange Soda?" and "Aw! Here It Goes!" and Kenan's quote: "WHYYYYY?"

Plus, every episodes is a classic like "The Taining of a Screw", "Doing Things The Hemingway", "Dial O for Oops", "A Star Is Peeved" as well as the holiday

episodes like "Merry Christmas, Kenan" and "Turkey Day".

This is truly one of the best All That spinoff ever to created, not only that it is really the kind of show Nickelodeon really have with its days. Try to catch many episodes if you can, and you will have a bound with laughter.

From Bass Entertainment, in association with Tolin-Robbins Productions and

Nickelodeon Productions.

Joe's Rating: 3 stars 1/2.

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Just a very bad show!, 30 July 2003

I just don't understand on why could these people on IMDb can be so positive with this show? It could take a person to write a better comment than this one. Not only that, it just take years to come up with better material to know what funny is, but in this case is not. I bet those are the same people who made negative reviews on "My Brother and Me", a good show that wasn't taking itself so seriously and you can tell how funny other shows can be. For example, take a look at Nickelodeon shows from the past: Salute Your Shorts, Kenan & Kel, The Adventures of Pete & Pete etc. and you can see how funny these show really are, but shows like this, The Brothers Garcia, Taina, and of course this show, it's pathetic and annoying enough to change the channel and avoiding it.

Make no mistake "The Nick Cannon Show" is really a bad show, it just another attempt of another All That spin off out of 3 in which it includes The Amanda Show and Kenan & Kel and of course it shows how Nick Cannon can be unfunny and become a bad actor as he was in All That during its 1998-99 season and he just there to takeover everywhere he goes for laughs and making a complete fool of himself, the worst part is that he bumps into the worst crowd of really bad celebrities namely Britney Spears, N'Sync and more. As you may know, this has been done many times on MTV, E! as well as other shows and is very annoying.

As far as this guy is, he ruins Nickelodeon, a really good network all the way from 1979 to 1999. That's 20 years until the downward spiral of all the stuff that is happening with other shows like Spongebob Squarepants (A popular, but very good show) taking all the credit along with Slime Time Live, U-Pick and more. It simply turned into an MTV Jr. fluff.

If you want comedy that's an All That spin off, watch Kenan & Kel. Avoid this show at all costs.

Tolin-Robbins Productions in association with Nickelodeon Productions. TV-Y7

Joe's Rating: 1 star

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The kind of decent show Nickelodeon really have., 10 July 2003

You wouldn't believe people on IMDB have gave negative reviews on Nickelodeon's short-lived African-American comedy My Brother and Me. But don't let them fool you, this wasn't suppose to be a show that was taking itself too seriously. No, this was suppose to be a average-family show that takes the humor in them.

This wasn't really a bad show but it wasn't great ether. The reason why this show was canceled after 13 episodes is because Nick didn't find an audience and the production budget cut it too short to make its run and they knew this idea for African Americans wasn't the best for Nickelodeon's target audience they have there. It almost did the same with Gullah Gullah Island, a show that was on there Nick Jr. lineup which came out the same year as this show did but when they decided to have a second season of that show, they decided to keep the show and have many audience they could have for viewers.

It was about an African-American family living in North Carolina with two brothers named Alfie and Dee Dee and their sister Melanie. With them is their Mother and Father named Jeniffer and Roger. They have friends together Alfie has Goo, Dee Dee has Harry and Donnell, and Melanie has Deonne. They hang out at the Comic Book store known as "BOOKS & COMICS" to go play video games, read some comic books, and hang out for a treat. The manager of the store of course is Ms. Pigney. Goo did have a cousin named Moo though in which it doesn't have enough screen time with him. During its run, they have some very funny episodes like the Pratical Joke episode or even the Bully episode as well but most of the time, it has slipped away.

Sure it may look chessy, but it was a decent Nickelodeon show that was good enough to be shown but it doesn't help that much.

From Burns & Burns Inc. In Association With Nickelodeon Rated TV-Y.

Joe's Rating: 2 stars.

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One of the best Nicktoons ever!, 6 July 2003

Invader ZIM is truly one of the best Nicktoons ever on there lineup, next to there 8 lineup full of wonderful good Nicktoons they really have like The Angry Beavers, Hey Arnold!, Kablam!, Ahhh! Real Monsters, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, and Doug. And this makes the marks of them even when Nickelodeon was truly a good network.

It all about an alien named ZIM who is mistakely being marked as one of these aliens to invade Earth, with his sidekick a robot named GIR. They have many chracters you are in urge to like like Dib as well as Ms. Bitters, Proffessor Membrane and of course Gaz.

This is definely a hit and it would marked Nickelodeon as a cult classic for a treat and it make this show really cool with dark humor with a twist of goth and this is really reminds me of one of Tim Burton's creative of art like "Beetlejuice" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas". Not only that, this is done by Jhonen Vasquez, famous for his cult comic book classic "Johnny, The Homidicidal Maniac". If you like the kind of dark cartoon they really have than this is definely for you!

From Jhonen Vasquez, with the helping of Nickelodeon.

Joe's Rating 3 stars 1/2.

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