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Thank you, Great Britain, for presenting us with so many eyecandies! PS. I've been getting a lot of comments from users claiming that some of the actors on the list are Scottish, not British'. I don't want to repeat myself so I'll just state it once and for all: Scotland is a part of the UK, so basically Scottish is still British. British doesn't equal English only. Thanks for the attention and feel free to suggest your favourite British actors!
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If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then some people are just cross-eyed.
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My personal favourites and/or must-see movies.
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Most memorable episodes.
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No particular order.
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Unconventional love story movies.
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Actors whom I find good-looking and attractive. Starting from the hottest.
Honourable mentions are for those men I consider as handsome but not fitting my type. But beauty is always beauty so I included them, too.
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No particular order, except for #1.
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There is a film based on John Fowles' amazing novel but here's the people I pictured when reading the book.
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Most beautiful females.
Enjoy the view :)
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Feel free to suggest actors for Prince Naveen (I'm still in search since he's supposed to have very exotic looks, esp. dark skin tone).