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All the films in Spanish that I've watched so far.
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The best, the creepiest, the most beautiful, frightening, well-made, sometimes most underrated, unknown or forgotten, interesting horror movies that I've seen. No crap. Leave a comment if you agree or disagree with me, or if you have recommendations!
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Movies that I have seen that are something different, bloody, disgusting and interesting. Guaranteed to give you a healthy fit of nausea. Enjoy!
(WARNING: the comments may contain some spoilers. If you don't want the violent/nausea-inducing scenes given away AT ALL, don't read the comments.)
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All the Japanese films I've seen so far.
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All the Italian films I've seen so far.
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All the French-speaking films I've seen so far, including Canadian, African and so on...
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Films in hindi that I have seen...
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Films of different nations/languages that I've seen.
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These are my favourite vampire movies of all time. All of them aren't great, but they all have elements that I love!
In case you're wondering why there's no Twilight, Blade or Underworld movies on here, it's because they all suck (haha). Look below and discover vampires the way they should be! Seductive, strong, gothic, horrifying, hiding in drafty, cobweb-infested castles, crawling down walls, turning themselves into fog or bats, sucking their lovers dry, NOT battling other vampires with firearms and martial arts, or stalking some attention wh0re teenage girl. Enjoy!
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All the Swedish films I've seen so far.
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All the German films I've seen so far.
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Pretty simple. Movies involving witches and witchcraft...
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All the Chinese films I've seen so far.