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Good Movie But....., 25 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First I would like to say that I did like this movie. As a movie it is far better than Superman Returns.

HOWEVER for portraying Superman I much prefer Superman Returns as it is more accurate in its representation of who Superman is. What Superman represents and his spirit. He is not a dark character. He represents hope to everyone who sees him. I felt that in Superman Returns. In Man of Steel, Nolan made Superman a bit darker (10-15% Batman) so you never actually feel hope when you see Superman anytime on screen. You know what I mean chan chadaaaaaaan its Superman! you never feel that.

SECOND, it reminded me of Startrek where a world has been destroyed and the person from that world is out to get revenge or whatever. Is there no other plot that can be made? It's a good plot but its already been done in the movies. If this came before Star Trek I will have no complaints on the story.

The Croods (2013)
Good Dreamworks Movie, 5 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a fun movie to watch where you will not get bored from beginning until the end. It reminded me a lot of Land Before Time movie but less sophisticated.

The voice actors are perfect especially Nicholas Cage, his talents are really underutilized. He captured the character's internal struggle to evolve and change with the times. It's really great that not only did he in the end embrace change but also experimented with creating new things and not just depend on Guy to do everything. I think it was a great reminder to us that we have forgotten how to be curious and be amazed about how new things come to us. Instead we keep expecting more and get disappointed when Apple does deliver new techs as we expect them to. :)

Finally a great Dreamworks film with the exception of How to Train your Dragon, and no wonder the creators of Croods and How to Train are the same! hahahaa

Bee Movie (2007)
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Huh?, 11 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can not believe this was made into a movie. The concept I guess is good enough but the story. ugh. it reminded me of when we were kids and each kid will add a new line to the story. that's how this film is. it was slapped on together to make a movie that is so corny and has no sense whatsoever. first barry graduates and doesn't want to work in the the hive doing boring work. so he goes out to be a bum and found himself a project to sue humans for taking honey. and unbelievably they won. so all honey is returned to them. now all bees don't want to work. all flowers die. so barry goes to retrieve the last remaining flowers to revive the dead flowers. he does this through a plane which is carried by bees! so that's successful now the bees are back collecting honey. and all flowers live. now barry's job is to be a pollen/honey collector. which is what he wanted to be in the first place! so all the drama was for nothing. i mean if he wanted to be this pollen/honey collector, the story could have evolved to something more meaningful instead of this. this is a waste of time and money.

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Ripoff of a classic Chinese movie, 4 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

**SPOILERS** I can't believe this movie won the best picture category and martin won as the director when he just copied the original infernal affairs. And an inferior remake at that. All the scenes are the same except for some of the over violent parts like when Mark Wahlberg kills Matt. When I watched Infernal Affairs, it was violent, real and really had heart. It's message was it was better to live your life righteously rather than live a long unrighteous life that was why Andy Lau (Matt in the Chinese version) lives. This was actually the only difference in the movie. Everything was the same! Even when the 2 criminals are discussing how they know who are the cops. This film winning the 2 categories means that American cinema has lost its creativity and needs to resort to copying the exact same movie except making it inferior.

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great series, 10 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i was pleasantly surprised when i saw this series. i didn't expect much except for some boxing, instead it was more than that. It has conflict, drama and action. It's really pretty exciting but most of all really is that this show has heart. You really see the spirit of how these fighters want to go beyond themselves and achieve something for themselves and their loved ones. I greatly admire them and even though I have a favorite which is Sergio, it's really hard seeing one of the players go even anthony. If you're watching the show, you'd know that he's the dad who wants to win at all costs. At first when he betrayed the east and west team, i really hated him. It was a done deal that he was going to fight Jimmy, instead he chose Brent. I felt that he was a coward and used his children as a scapegoat. But he was just eliminated and I felt so sad for him because he tried so hard and he really wanted to win for his children. he tried his best but sometimes that really isn't good enough. And all these players, not only anthony understand that the lost wasn't really a lost because they fought great. I really am looking forward to each episode. I can't remember any series right now that is this good. They really went all out on this. The quality of the show is really good. Well i guess it should be, i heard it costs 2 million each episode.

Sahara (2005)
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entertaining enough..., 19 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i was expecting it to be a bad action movie. When i did see this movie, i found that it was not a great movie but it was entertaining. a second rate action movie. it was entertaining enough with classic jokes made by the sidekick (Steve Zahn) and the hero (Matthew) being this all-American guy that always solves the problem. And throw in a sexy leading lady in Penelope Cruz. First of all the plot was just okay. It's hard to believe that they actually found the ship's location just based on a drawing on the cave. The connection between the diseases and the treasure was also sort of a stretch because of an underground water system. Hmm.... i don't know, that piece of the puzzle seems forced and does not fit that closely. Fortunately though the script does not emphasize any intellectuality. It doesn't provide solid proof to believe in this wild goose chase. It emphasizes more the adventure and the fun that you get when you do something exciting. The view and scenery of this film is amazing! action sequences are also pretty good. Now on to the actors. It was an okay cast. Matthew was believable as this sort of weirdo that is obsessed with this treasure. Then there's steve, the sidekick, actually for the first time a sidekick actually did some of the rescuing instead of just providing laughs. He was good and quirky. Oh and Matthew and Steve here are like invincible, they fight, stop bombs and do incredible stunts. the script says that they were SEALS, i guess that explains it all. Penelope on the other hand was sort of an awkward mix. First of all do you expect someone with that kind of aerobicized body to be in WHO. And how much money does she earn anyway? She had this great gown at the beginning of the film. One of the biggest problems however was Penelope's accent. She seems more conscious of her lines that actually acting.

All in all though it's a feel good movie. It sort of reminded me of National treasure only a bit better.

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classic, 3 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i just recently saw this movie, and despite not having the best of special effects, it's 1 of the best action adventure movies i've seen. it was funny, smart and witty. and even though the film is long, you'll get wrapped up on the different action sequences in the movie. although i did think that Harrison ford was a bit thin for the part. but all in all it was really good.

Indiana plays a boring professor but an exciting adventurer outside the classroom. he seeks treasures and sends it to museums where he thinks these artifacts belong. in this adventure he's after the lost ark, which holds a great power to destroy. The Nazis are there to get this power. and instead of gaining the power, they are destroyed by it.

Indiana the great man that he is, of course isn't destroyed, since he does not covet the power. Indiana in this movie is like superman. he does everything well and good and on top of that he's charming and smart. he's like the rugged James bond. he loves girls but he would never let anyone really come close to him.

i just have one complaint though. Indy is always the one who leads the bad guys to the thing that they are after. if he just sit tight, the enemies would never find the power. oh well if that happened then there wouldn't be any movie right.

Lucky 7 (2003) (TV)
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feel good movie, 20 December 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i saw this movie mainly because of the 2 leads on the movie. i love both of them. they have such charm and sincerity on the screen. this movie has a lot of heart. when you watch this movie, nothing about it is really new, so don't expect anything mind blowing. it's not an Oscar contender.

but it's so real, the characters, the story, the human emotions, the friendship, the fear. just look at this movie as a realization of sorts. because Amy is just so afraid to live her life.

this story is about a girl that follows a planned out life of her mother. somehow she feels loyal and connected to her mother through this. she convinces herself that this is what's going to make her happy. ignoring everyone else's advice.

then she meets these 2 guys. peter and Daniel. Daniel is perfect for her. and in fact if peter wasn't in the picture, she surely would have ended up with him. fortunately the plan helped her out in this case. Daniel had to be the #7 boyfriend for her to end up with him. but he's just #6. so what to do? she has to follow the plan right.

so she goes to peter and pretends to be his girlfriend. which works out perfectly for both of them, since peter also needs a pretend girlfriend. except now they fall for each other. they're a perfect fit. a complement to each other. the problem is he's #6.

Amy then finally figures out that her mother's plan was just a guide. not something literal for her to follow. so in the end she follows her heart. peter really pushes her to do this. and yes they end up together.

all in all 8/10 for the great actors and the tingling feeling it leaves you.

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surprised *spoilers*, 19 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i watched this movie and dodge ball on the same day. i was really surprised. i thought this film was going to stink. i was wrong. it was funny and light hearted. it's a comedy movie, although at times it tries to inject an actual plot. which only comes across as corny. nevertheless those scenes are few.

this is actually a good movie to watch. marlon wayans was really good. just looking at his face, you know that he's silly. and his character fit. while shawn on the other hand is more subdued than marlon. but still he was good also. they both were natural and didn't overreact.

i don't know why this movie wasn't more popular than dodge ball. but this one is way better

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great smart movie *spoilers*, 19 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i was really surprised by how good and smart this movie. it's been a long time that i've seen a movie that actually had a good plot.

first of all i love matt and franka in this. they both seem so anti-action heroish. meaning that they are not your typical action figures. yet that is the reason that they both come off as actual people with vulnerabilities which both make them so enduring. this movie explores the underground dealings and killings of politics. bourne is the one who actually does the assassins. however it catches up with him psychologically and he then has amnesia. emotionally he is so confused, yet that survival instinct and skill still remains with him. he is obviously very smart and is made to be this assassin. because he is very good. in fact as was revealed he initiated the assassination for treadstone.

then comes marie. who is this confident woman who is confident and an equal to jason. it was so great that she was the one who initiated sex to jason. in fact she's the comic relief in this movie. which makes you kind of actually breath. because this movie is intense. the chemistry between both of them and the story. this movie is pretty much perfect.

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