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Ratz (2000) (TV)
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two young girls wish for dates, two rats turn into boys and the fun begins, 4 March 2005

Ratz is a cleverly written comedy about two thirteen year old girls who really want to go to the Spring Fling town dance and manage to get involved with a magic ring that grants wishes but always with some kind of a twist such as the boys they wish for are transformed into boys from two pet rats and still behave like rats. Even though the plot is full of magic and strange occurrences and strange characters, the girls are normal with normal parents and normal friends and the entire movie is something the entire family can sit and watch together with enjoyment. Everyone can laugh at all the jokes and enjoy the plots twists of which there are many. I found the story very well written, I enjoyed the acting and I laughed out loud quite a few times. This is a fun movie and something you can rent for your kids and watch with your kids. I would say 9-14 are good ages for this movie. Young girls particularly should enjoy it.

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a kid show with some of the best writing on tv, 30 June 2003

This is a television show that for its three season run consistently had some of the best writing ever seen on television. Comedies are rarely given much recognition and commercial shows for kids, never, but Honey, I Shrunk the Kids episodes are really well-crafted, witty spoofs that stand up over time. The best episode I feel is about Morpheus who rules the dream world. In this show, Nick is worried about dissecting frogs and keeps having nightmares. His sister, Amy, is worried about taking her SAT's. The plot weaves together their fears and their personal strengths and weakness (nick is logical/Amy is intuitive) in a humorous, dramatic and meaningful way. If there were any justice in the world, this script should have won an emmy and be discussed in film and English classes. If this show ever comes out on DVD, it is definitely worth purchasing.