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Amazing Documentary Series!, 21 March 2015

Just finished the entire series. This was such a good watch!! At first it didn't sound interesting enough, but after a few episodes of seeing bits and pieces while my husband watched, I was hooked.

I won't give away any spoilers, but this show basically did the amount of investigative research that you'd hope police detectives would do (but apparently, in this case, didn't). Jarecki and his team did a wonderful job... I don't know how this could have been any better. Also love the scenes and music in the beginning credits (Fresh Blood, by Eels).

The last two episodes are just breathtaking. I don't think anyone expected the outcome of this show when they first watched (or started filming)!

This show definitely deserves some Emmys next year!!

The Women (2008/I)
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Like Sex & the City, but Slightly Older, 12 September 2008

The Women is a cute movie about women at all ages (but mostly 30+) and their issues in life. Not just men and infidelity, but also about relationships with friends & family, making time to connect with others, problems with image, compromising your values, accomplishments in life, and finding what will really make you happy.

It's also about being true to yourself. A lot of times, people will give you advice but not really follow it themselves. Sometimes they have created a delusion for themselves, and should you really follow in that same path or react based on your feelings now? I really liked this movie. Granted, it was trying a bit to be like Sex & the City at times, but that probably helped me like it. The difference here is it's kind of like the discoveries after the stage in life that the Sex & the City stars were in -- here, most are married or past the point of trying to find a man. Now, they are trying to find happiness in their marriages and lives.

Obviously it's not an Oscar contender, but it is entertaining and serves its purpose.

And for the men out there, there were an equal share of men and women in the movie theater (most were with their wives/girlfriends), and the men were in fact laughing. :)

300 (2006)
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Good Cinema, Horrible Story, 12 April 2007

As far as films go, the movie is well-made and COULD BE entertaining to an uneducated mind. However, to the vast majority of educated people, especially those with any knowledge of ancient history, this movie really makes you bite your lip (in regret).

It's like watching a movie about WWII where the Nazi Party's actions are rationalized and that Germans win at the end -- the movie could be extremely well-made, but I personally would feel pretty uneasy watching it. And no matter how cool the effects were, it would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

My point is that this movie is really flawed in terms of story. If it's based on a fake story in a comic (as the creators suggest it is), they should have not tried to pass it off as a story from history. They could have changed up the names, made fake country names for each side and made it unrelated to history, and it probably would have been better.

Overall, it's a 'just OK' movie, but it's not going to be nominated for any Oscars.

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Great Intense Movie, 14 December 2006

If you're out to see a movie soon, this is one that should be on the top of your list. An all-star cast and an intriguing story isn't all that this movie has. It has some great performances from both Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie that are likely to get some award nominations.

I won't give any spoilers, I'll just give my background and overall opinion. When I saw the commercials, I thought it seemed interesting, but not interesting enough to get me out of my seat right now to go see it. It just didn't seem to have anything totally different than other movies, other than the combination of actors. Since I just got to see it anyway, I realized that it's one of those movies that ends up being better than you think it would be.

Matt Damon, as always, plays a good serious guy who's smart, savvy, and dedicated to his job. It kind of reminded me of his characters in The Departed and the Bourne Identity, except it's in a different situation and setting. His performance in this role was very fitting and believable.

Angelina Jolie surprisingly worked well with this role. In the commercials I thought she was a little too wild compared to Matt Damon's calm character, but she really brought out the emotion of a wife who felt shut out and didn't have a complete relationship with and understanding of her husband.

Robert DeNiro of course was great. It was a nicely added touch to an already good movie.

While I wouldn't say it's as factual as the History Channel, I think the subject of the movie does put good insight on the history of the CIA. I think people who are into government/politics and history would like the storyline. It does focus quite a bit on his family relationship and how it is affected by his job in the CIA, and I'm sure any couple who has been in a similar situation would understand it.

Overall, the movie was better than I thought and I would recommend it to movie-goers, especially those who like suspense and any of the main characters.

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Great Comedy That Most People Can Relate To, 22 May 2006

This movie is easily one of my favorite romantic comedies of all time. I don't like giving spoilers so I'll just put out some points so you can decide whether or not to rent/buy this:

If you like Billy Crystal as a comedian, then you will love this movie. He makes his signature subtle, pessimistic jokes throughout the movie.

Meg Ryan is also great. Although her character develops from a snobby, sheltered young woman to a mature, open-minded woman, she maintains this innocence that makes this fun to watch because you get to kind of feel what she feels -- she speaks what comes to mind, and you see her emotions all over her face. It kind of reminds me of her role in Sleepless in Seattle and her other earlier roles.

Together, Billy and Meg have this great chemistry on screen, and this makes the movie feel like you're watching a real story. The way the relationship develops is probably the most interesting thing, so even if you know what happens, you will enjoy watching it happen. If you don't know what happens, it's a perfect feel-good movie with a happy ending, but it's not easy to predict how it gets to the happy ending.

Overall, this movie is a great choice if you're looking for something uplifting, romantic, and funny but also realistic and not too mushy.

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Great Movie... For Intelligent, Unbiased People, 17 May 2006

First off, I'd just like to say that this movie is based on a fictional story. FICTION. Why people need to express hatred over this because of their religious beliefs is so mind-boggling. No one is saying that Christianity is wrong, and that this story is right. The book is classified as FICTION, not THEOLOGY! I should also note that my extremely religious Christian friends don't find this movie at all "disturbing" or "wrong". The fact is that if you believe in something, nothing -- including a movie, or story -- should be able to deter you from that belief. If you feel threatened by this movie or any other story like this, you have serious problems regarding the foundations in which you believe.

Now, to the review... I'm not here to give you any spoilers or story info, since that's all been done in the other reviews.

I have never read the book. I went to see the movie with my boyfriend, who read the book recently, and some friends (one of whom has read the book at least twice, and is so into the story that he has researched the symbols and meanings thoroughly and participates in Da Vinci Code games, forums, etc). So we actually had at least 3 differing perspectives here.

I really loved the film. Having no story to compare it to, I didn't feel like I had to have read the book to understand the story. Nothing felt missing or incomplete. I came out of the theater ready to add this list to my favorites, and wanting to read the book to compare it to the movie.

My boyfriend also thought the film was great. He said they did a great job adapting the book to film, and although not everything was there, they did the best that they could with the time they had, and he was impressed.

My friend was so excited throughout the movie, he kept wanting to talk to us about it. He pointed out some things from the book that weren't there as well, but he understood it couldn't all be there. He also said that watching the film put a new perspective for him on the movie, since he imagined things looking and feeling different in his head. Seeing the movie allowed him to look at it differently, which made it exciting all over again.

So, in summary, this seems to be a great movie no matter how deep you are into the Da Vinci Code. I normally wait for movies to go on DVD to rent, but this is one that I'd recommend you see in the theater... the atmosphere makes it more fun and also you can talk about this with others after seeing it, instead of catching up to everyone later and possibly getting spoilers before you watch. Again, I highly recommend this movie! A+