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Here is a list about sequels worth to watch, couse of their really good way to improve or continue the first movie, without ruining the title!
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The best movies in fantasy history.

I wont put the most well known movies at the first places, u know, i just want some movie to get more attention. And LOTR dont need any more attention, everybody knows :)
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Not all the good ones. These are the bests of the best.
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Something unique, something strange, something different, something else... something dark, something shining, something weird.
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Yeah, everything under the sea.
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I just want to add some movies for people, who love strange, weird, or really unique stuff. HAVE FUN, AND SUGGEST MORE FOR ME!
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List of the movies of 7Seas Filmpark RetroShock series.
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What do u think? I hate the word "best". These movies are beasts!
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