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It's expected this famous (and still uncompleted) book trilogy to be aired on HBO as tv series/films in 2018.
Here is my so perfect cast for The Name Of The Wind television version.
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Stars in their time were leading and had considerable potential, but currently are detached from the film industry. Young stars of the small screen, who could never disengage from their roles. Celebrities and huge actors, who fell into the vices of Hollywood, and could not bear the responsibility that comes with fame. Well-known actors, but of little talent and poor quality films. Actors who never could have a good leading role.Actors who can not retire early, and we see their worst sides.
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This is simply a list with the people i hate to watch in a movie.
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Imagine: Two beautiful prostitutes scape from a night club before stolling one million dollars, untill the boss of the club tries to catch them,they will live so many funny situations.
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In order of acting skills. Born beetween 1985 and 2005.
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At an invented movie,filmed and directed by me, about a Sixties-inspired Highschool and a little town in the Middle States. President Kennedy is recently killed, and people is angry and frightened, teenagers on this town will have to "survive" the adults to make their dreams come true and choose their ways in their lifes, in a time when things are changing. What is more, the adults have to survive "really", because the factory where the main part of them are working for, is going to close.

Beautiful scenes,nice and charming little town,nice music from those years,love,drama,and hope,and happyness, mainly, it's a film that tries to show how to find the happyness in a very special era.
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We have to choose her,you can comment with the name of an actress,singer or a celebritie that you want (you can choose the woman you like EVEN SHE IS NOT IN THE LIST, but remember:"1 NAME=1 VOTE", i hope we could make a nice list.

The America´s New Girlfriend has to be someone charismatic,pleasant,likeable and so nice.
She has to seem strong and confident, and furthermore she has to be beautiful inside her and outside her. She can comes from everywhere, but she has to live in the USA.

Women like Julia Roberts,Sandra Bullock,Katherine Heigl or Natalie Portman are been named sometimes "The America´s Girlfriend", and in the past great women like Grace Kelly,Barbra Streisand,Audrey Hepburn or Marylin Monroe were a big "femme" icon in the USA.
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Families Lewis and Stuart,are living on the same farm, keeping hidden so many secrets, which would destroy their lives.
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Imagine:Three sisters keep a dark familar secret, their mother is not the woman she seems, and one day, their life will change forever. The ghost of the past will appear.
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