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Jolly good fun, a hoot, 27 June 2003

Granted it's been 25 years since I've seen the Norman Conquests shows, but I remember it being extremely witty and it led to my life-long love of British entertainment. I was also a big fan of public television (the only network brave enough to air sophisticated comedy) in those days and was fascinated by Tom Conti, who was just starting to enjoy a little fame in America. Truthfully, I still think about some of the scenes featuring Tom Conti and how I laughed, but I don't know if the humor would hold up today. You may find some things funny at 17, but not at 42. Anyway, I'm going to view it again someday and hope it'll bring back some memories. It's too bad Tom Conti's career petered out early in the US. He was a marvelous talent. A toast: To England!