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Mature Audiences? Not so much., 31 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie "Kirikou and the Sorcerous" is a great African movie for any ages. It follows a young baby throughout his journey to protect his city and save them. Young children will like it because the main character is the young baby Kirikou. He goes on a journey to battle the mean women who has stolen all the water and men of the city. He ends up pulling out a thorn that was stuck inside of her. There is a fair amount of nudity in the film in that none of the women are wearing clothing and the young boy is naked, however it is cartoonish and isn't portrayed in a bad way. It is put into the movie to get the full setting of being in Africa.

The movie really symbolizes a deeper meaning with Kirikou pulling the thorn out of the evil women. It is supposed to symbolize her being rapped that is why she is taking all of the men. She has a team of robots working for her that the men got turned into that really symbolizes the coming of modernity. It over rides tradition and really becomes dominant by the end of the movie. Unlike most American movies the main hero actually takes charge and does things. In most movies it is followed by a lot of build up to the hero actually becoming the hero. In this movie they cut right to the chase. It makes it a lot easier to follow and more interesting.

The movie itself is really done beautifully. The color contrast makes it such a beautiful movie to watch. The movie also has a great soundtrack to follow along to. It could easily get stuck in your head while watching. The drawings are very authentic and not very detailed. It makes you focus more on the lines and what is going on in the film.

Now this sounds like a very disturbing movie but really it isn't. The men come out completely fine in the end and were never actually in any harm and the nudity shown is very cartoonised. A lot of parents I'm sure would have a big problem showing this to young children, however I don't see anything wrong with showing them. It was not that bad in my opinion. You don't even notice. I'd recommend it for a good fairy tale for children of all ages.

Africa Meets French, 16 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Twiste a Popenguine is a movie definitely worth seeing. The movie follows two different groups of teenagers who live in Africa. You really get a feel for how life was back then in Africa. The movie follows the children around in their everyday life and shows how colonized they have become. The music that the director uses throughout the movie really ties everything together. Some of the music may even be familiar as it is popular rock and roll songs that are still around today. The movie is narrated to kind of give one the feel that it is an autobiography of one's life. Personally I thought this made the movie a lot easier to understand and follow along too. Both groups have to adapt to the changes in modernity throughout the whole movie. It is very interesting to see how this happens and how they each react to what is going on.

There is one person in the movie who is not a native of Africa, Mr. Benoit. It is interesting to see how he adapts to the culture and fits in with everyone else in the movie. He plays an important part of showing just how much the society is colonized and how to adapt to it. Throughout the whole movie he feels as if he doesn't belong to any country and doesn't know what to do. Luckily he gets accepted into the community and finally feels like he belongs. It's insightful to see how he progresses on his journey.

The whole society is influenced by French colonization. At school the children are only allowed to learn French. I found it so interesting that they speak French and not their native language of Wolof. There is so much French adapted in the movie that you wouldn't even think you were in Africa at times. The only real problem I saw with the movie was the acting wasn't what you would find in most movies. The director casted all regular every day people so you can tell that they don't have acting experience or that the lines were written ahead of time with a script. This gives you the feeling though that it is more of a real autobiographical movie.

This movie is definitely one worth watching if you want to see how Africa has become colonized. Be warned the ending of the movie ends abruptly but it still makes the movie worth watching. The fact that it isn't widely distributed will hopefully change in the upcoming years as well.

Entre nos (2009)
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Interesting True Story about a Woman who will do anything for her children, 6 March 2011

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Watching this movie is so inspiring. It tells the story of a young mother of two who is left by her husband just after moving to America. It takes awhile for the mother to realize the husband is never coming back to them. She is forced to live on the streets and take care of her two children all by herself. She faces many hardships and goes through so much, all for the kids. Parts of it are rather sad because you really get a view of how much the family struggled to get where they are. They are forced to give up so much, even the children. They all stick together because they are family and they truly love one another.

This movie is written, directed and starring Paola Mendoza. It is interesting because this story is about her life. In the movie she takes on the role of the mother (her real life mother) but she is actually the young woman's daughter in the film, Andrea. It makes the movie so much better in my opinion because you know while you are watching that all the of events that happen are pretty accurate. The emotions that shows throughout the movie really give it the sense that you know it is real. She does a great job acting in this movie! It made me want to see more of her work.

Now you must know before watching this movie that there is very little plot and not a lot of dialog. However it is still an interesting movie to watch. Much of what happens you don't need words to see what is happening. In this case, actions speak louder than words. Everything they do has such a strong impact words aren't necessary. The plot is also a little on the weak side since not a lot is happening, but that is because it is based on true life. The rest of the events in the movie make up for the lack of plot.

This movie is shown in Spanish with English subtitles. It isn't very hard to follow along however. Also the lighting of the movie is very dark but it really gives you a feel for how their life truly is. Overall the director did a good job at making the movie seem realistic. It is easy to follow along as long as you don't mind reading the subtitles.

A movie filled with family, tradition, trust, love and survival, this one is definitely worth watching. You will see just how hard it is for immigrants to adjust and live in America. You can't help but feel bad for them. After it is over you will have a better understanding of how hard life can be for everyone, it has a good message to send out.

If you love the series, you'll love the movie!, 3 March 2011

I myself grew up watching the Sabrina the Teenage Witch episodes. If you are a big fan of Melissa Joan Hart or love the series then you will definitely love this movie. The movie takes place at the beginning when Sabrina just discovers that she is a witch. It is very interesting to see how she copes with it and what she goes through. However not all of the main characters in the show make it to the movie since the movie was created first. The voice of Salem you can also tell is off. But, it is a great started movie to the series. I loved watching it.

If you like Sabrina, then watch this movie. It will amaze you. It is magical.

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Great movie! Inspiring story, 3 March 2011

This has been based on a true story and a made for TV movie. It is an amazing story of a young girl who gets married and cannot have children, so her mother becomes her surrogate mother. It's such a touching story to see how much the mother goes through to give her daughter a baby. You really can see how much love is between the two of them.

Being that its based on a true story makes it such a sad and happy movie. It will have you on your toes and suck you in to every obstacle that the family has to go through.

This movie is very hard to find, but if you do, it's definitely worth watching. It's such a heart felt movie. I grew up watching this movie. It was one of my favorites. Great movie for a mother and daughter to watch. so much love.

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Just as good as the first!, 3 March 2011

Okay I know a lot of people don't like this movie, but I don't see what is wrong with it. The Newmans this time decide to take a family vacation and of course bring Beethoven along. Although this time he has had puppies. The puppies mother is after them and tries to steal them. But the family sticks together to try and save the puppies.

If you enjoy the first one then you will love this one. It is the same great cast and family setting. It is a non stop laughing fest just like the first.

Most of the time sequels aren't as good, not in this case. There are some great scenes involving Beethoven and his puppies. Children of all ages will love this along with their parents!

Beethoven (1992)
Great movie for the whole family!, 3 March 2011

This movie is a classic. If you love dogs, family, or just enjoy a funny comedy this is the movie for you. The Newman family takes in a dog who ends up destroying their lives. It is a non stop laughter fest as you see everything the dog puts them through. He really ends up bringing the family together and gives kids a good lesson to learn.

A great movie to watch with the entire family. The cast does a great job at bringing you into their family and makes you really connect with the audience.

There are some sequels to this movie as well, the 2nd follows the same actors around and is highly recommended as well.

The Net (1995)
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A true classic by Sandra Bullock!, 3 March 2011

If you love Sandra Bullock movies, this one is probably the right one for you. It tells the story of a woman whose identity is stolen from her just by hacking into computers and changing the main servers. It is scary in a way that this is quite possible. The acting in it was very well planned and will keep you on yours toes. The whole movie goes through all the obstacles she has to go through and the difficulties she encounters with existing as someone else. It really makes you think.

It's full of love, lies, and scandal. It's a must see for any Sandra Bullock fan! It's a great thriller! Not much violence or blood either.

Don't Listen to the Critiques, it's a good movie!, 3 March 2011

Now I know the critiques didn't really care for this movie and it was kind of a bust, but I personally enjoyed it. The acting between Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper is amazing. It tells the story of a woman who becomes obsessed with a guy she goes on one date with. She ends up following him all across the country and getting herself into many hilarious situations and making some interesting friends on the way. The cast is full of great actors. I can see how some don't like it because it is a little out there and very unrealistic, but it is still a great movie none the less.If you have a creative imagination and want a good laugh, not looking for something serious, then this is the movie for you. It's a movie that always will cheer you up.

You will love it not only if you are a Sandra Bullock fan but also if you don't mind looking at some attractive guys. It is a silly movie, but still one I recommend watching. Don't always listen to what the critiques say. They may be right, but this is definitely worth giving it a shot.

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Hilarious typical movie!, 2 March 2011

If you love movies about young children this is the movie for you. It is great. It's about a young boy who soon inherits lots of money and goes crazy with it. Clearly this could never happen but it is a great movie to watch non the less. To see all the situations he gets himself into and all the crazy stuff he buys really makes the movie. You have to have an open mind when watching since it is very unlikely this would happen. I loved watching it as a young child and still do. It's a great movie for children. It will definitely make you laugh. It is a lot like the movie "Home Alone" in that it's also about a kid who has a house to himself and goes crazy. He also has to try and escape the bad guys who are after him.

It's a great laugh and a good movie for the whole family to watch!

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