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Gosh, so boring, 26 March 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

GOSH is this movie boring! It's like a whole hour too long. And the plot is weird, there are holes in the argument, inconsistencies, weird story telling, and ridiculous things, such as:

.The movie starts in Gotham, then suddenly jumps to Metropolis being invaded by aliens? WTF? And Bruce Wayne is there too. Superman fights the invading enormous ships that destroy all the buildings. A guy gets crushed by debris and looses his legs, so he hates Superman for not saving his legs (again wtf).

. Lex Luthor is a nut case that, for some not explained reason, hates Superman so much he is willing to go through some serious work to kill him (this includes creating a creature that could wipe life from earth as we know it, Luthor included).

.Even though Lex Luthor is a nut case, senators believe him and are willing to give him what he wants.

.No one knows who the woman is or where she comes from or even why she is there, not even Batman or Superman.

.Batman seriously hates Superman and wants to kill him very much for a reason that is not clear. This is weird since everyone knows Superman is the best and kindest person on this planet.

.Batman steals kryptonite from Luthor (this is not easy), designs a weapon with it and fights Superman in a fight that makes you hate Batman and wonder why he suddenly turned into such a stupid character.

. When Batman is about to use the weapon and win the fight, just like he wants, Superman says "martha" and they become super awesome friends (this literally happens). Batman throws away the kryptonite weapon, it just lies there and everyone leaves.

And a long etc. Conclusion: wait and see it at home.

"Hannibal" (2013)
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Best murder of the week, 19 May 2013

I am a fan of these kind of show since the first CSI aired. I have seen Las Vegas and all of its spin-offs, Criminal Minds, Bones, Castle, Dexter, Grimm, some L&O, lately The Following and also some British like Morse, Prime Suspect, Poirot ... Hannibal is the best so far and I am not exaggerating.

I am not belittling the other shows, they are absolutely amazing. Some were absolute pioneers and each one has their own "hook". For one is the main couple, for another is gruesome murders, another is twisted killers, evidence analysis, witness questioning...Hannibal gathers all the experience from all these shows and gives us a perfectly creepy product. The colors of the sets are vivid, camera movement is very well handled, lighting, etc. everything contributes to creating a beautiful atmosphere and yet it gives you chills. In the forest scene in the fungi episode you could almost smell the freshness of the forest but then you see what is beneath and the shock I felt was like nothing I saw in other shows.

Mads is perfect giving life to a classy, smart, ruthless and extremely twisted killer. The food is exquisite, which creeps you out even more. Dancy's character is so haunted by all this that I think I would be just like him in his place!

This show is so creepy and amazing that some people just can't stand it, like my mom. It has it all, great actors, great crew, good plot, gruesome murders completely shocking, twisted minds that will puzzle and amaze you, evidence and forensic analysis, cop scenes, witnesses, psychology...and food!! Congratulations to all the team.

Life of Pi (2012)
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Moving, brilliant. A perfect masterpiece., 28 January 2013

This is not just a movie, it is a real masterpiece. It is what a film should be. The cinema is the telling of a story through images and sounds and this film does all this, and more, in a very beautiful, artistic and touching way.

The visuals are breathtaking. From the opening scene (the zoo), a swimming pool, even a shipwreck, to the images of the ocean, the fauna and the sky. Every frame is a beautiful picture. The colors are bright and perfectly blended. The little boat just floating in the immensity of the ocean where you can't tell where the water ends and the sky begins will amaze you.

The soundtrack is magnificent. It is very touching, it sets the moods very well, and the Indian sounds suit everything wonderfully.

The story is moving to the core. Everyone who has lost something or someone dear will be moved to tears. Everyone who has ever said a definite "goodbye" will walk out the cinema with a knot in their throats. Whether you have faith, whether you believe in God, in some power, or whether you don't, you will be looking inside yourself, wondering, reflecting.

What do we have when we've lost everything? Is there a higher power? Do animals have souls? Are we any different from them? Which story do you prefer?

"Sherlock" (2010)
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Updated, high quality, entertaining, don't miss it!, 28 October 2012

I thought bringing SH to the present would be a bit difficult since everything is radically different specially in the crime solving area, but the writers have done it, and very successfully!! Now, instead of writing to the newspapers the characters have blogs, they text each other, google information with their smartphones while standing in the crime scenes, Holmes X rays stuff, experiments with body parts in the microwave... It is very well adapted! My congrats to Moffat and Gatiss, not an easy task!

The police consult with Holmes when they get sort of stuck with the cases, very much like in the books. Except this Sherlock (always uses the first name, never goes by Holmes!) is much more "disfunctional" than the original. He knows he is smart, gets bored easily and has no romantic interest like in the book, but is far more arrogant, sometimes completely insufferable and shows much less social intelligence. It is an acceptable twist to the character given these times of House and Sheldon, apparently social awkwardness is totally "in". Cumberbatch is really an awesome actor, he can go from boredom to excitement or anger in 1 second only with a look in his eyes, he is very expressive!!

Watson I have to say is my favorite Watson ever. Holmes has been portrayed in various different ways, but Watson was always the adorkable side kick or some variation of it (even Jude Law). This Watson is terribly normal, sometimes he reacts as any regular person would if we were in his place. He starts following Holmes out of curiosity and because he has nothing else to do, but ends up becoming his friend. Although, Holmes continues to get on his nerves, no matter how best friends they are. Freeman makes this Watson believable.

All the rest of the cast are also very correct, worth mentioning Moriarty here (a completely crazy version of Holmes but with better social skills that let him get away with everything). The pace of each episode is never boring and some are even adrenalinic.

And then, there's the city. The cabs, the landmarks, the accent, the weather, everything screams London from the opening sequence on, it is a major hit, I feel like I want to visit!! I never saw London like this, it's almost one more character. I hope they exploit the city more on future seasons.

Don't miss this show! Well written, well acted, well made, one of the best! (by the way, House was inspired by SH).

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Did not read the books, did not like the movie, 21 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First, I will repeat this, I have not read the books. But I can imagine that the books must be obviously better because the movie is kind of bad...

It's called Hunger Games why?? No one is hungry, ever. I mean seriously, it should be Hunting Games, or Last One Standing, but hunger?? Didn't get it.

But the seriously disturbing part is...the plot is gruesome and violent and yet this movie does not convey any emotion to the viewer.

Katniss saves her sister, but you don't feel a connection between them. The sister is a whiny little fool who is 12 years old and can't even make a line. She shows nothing when her name comes up, it's like she doesn't even understand what's going on. We should feel sorry for the little girl, feel Katniss' desperation, but instead you almost want the sister to go and leave Katniss to enjoy her life with Gale!

Then the oppression the districts have to tolerate, and the sadistic rich people who use these poor kids as entertainment. It should make you angry, it should show the ridiculousness of it all, the violence, the ruthlessness of the privileged, how unfair and terrible. But it doesn't, it doesn't move anything inside the viewer. The movie "In Time" does this much better.

And the game itself. Man, 24 teens get locked up in a forest to kill each other. It's terrifying; hunted like prey, having to sneak and hide and kill other kids. It really gets on your nerves!!! But it's all too anesthetized. The kids die and no one cares about them, they don't have back stories, there's no character development, they are all extras!!! Even Rue, who I think touches Katniss' heart, is just another extra! You ask yourself why is Katniss so moved??

And the background love story...what love story??? Is she pretending so they'll win?? Does she eventually fall for real?? Did he really love her in the first place or he just said that to win sponsors? If they loved for real, you don't feel the love.

Things happen but you don't feel for them. The plot is very good, this movie should be full of emotions -anger, anxiety, sorrow, desperation, shock- but it has none.

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Worth watching only for the Evil Queen, but the rest is good too, 10 June 2012

I saw the trailer and the visuals were so dark and at the same time so beautiful that I was convinced to see it. Plus the idea of a classic fairy tale with a twist is intriguing.

I was not let down. The visuals are stunning, the twist to the classic is a welcomed decision because it makes the characters more believable, the story is not sugared down and it brings it closer to the original tales which were far more violent and raw than Disney versions.

But the thing I liked the most was the Evil Queen. Her performance is flawless, her expressions transmit so much, Charlize is so beautiful that she could have stolen everyone's beauty *for real*, and the dresses she wears are perfectly fit to her beauty and evil. Charlize makes this evil Queen so very believably human.

Chris H. is probably the best looking man in the world, even when he is filthy and drunk, and he plays his part nicely. Stewart doesn't steal the movie but she is not so bad as other reviews said, she is just OK. The dwarfs are great, nothing like the hi-ho dwarfs we remember so well, these are real people.

Overall, I like it and recommend it.

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Get Dreamworks on acid and this is the result: deliriously funny and entertaining!!, 10 June 2012

I went to the movies expecting to see a film similar to the previous two, but I was nicely surprised. This movie is so fast paced, delirious and hilarious I can't believe it.

The characters tour Europe with a circus with new friends that are amazing. There's an Italian dorky sea lion (steals the movie), a bitter Russian tiger, quick-tempered puppies on roller skates, pop music, neon colors, the zebra flies through the rainbow, King Julian strolls The Vatican while Andrea Bocelli sounds, there's a bear on a Ducati, the villain is so evil she is like the terminator and sings Edith Piaf (would steal the movie if it weren't for the seal)...

You are probably wondering how they managed to pack all this in one movie with a good plot and make it incredibly entertaining. I don't know, but they did it!!

Go see it in theaters to fully enjoy the circus experience and don't miss the 3D.

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Excellent start, 7 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm a reader, and I think it is a remarkable adaptation. I would go so far as to say that we owe it to the author himself being part of the production. He is not letting anyone butcher his baby and that's why it is so awesome.

The casting is wonderful. So many new faces mixed with a bunch of well known celebrities make the characters really come to life and I imagine their faces when I read. The wardrobe and make up are stunning, the locations are beautiful and really seem Westeros and Essos, the FX, the plot is genius, the dialog too, and the small changes from the book are a success.

In this episode, we take up exactly where we left. It is amazing how everything is so real, even when it's fantasy. Good guys do bad things, bad guys have hard times, good ones too, sometimes it is not even clear who the bad guys are. Some facts that are clearly explained in the books have to be conveyed by images and voices that's why we see:

.Joffrey taking off his boy-mask to show the ruthless ambitious sadistic psychopath he is. Even to his own mother. Can a king like this really rule? Great scene with Cersei.

.Cersei carries on her plans, like eliminating the bastards and showing Petyr who's the boss. But she knows she raised a monster, she has to deal with Tyrion and Jaime is missing. She is actually reaping what she sew. I really like the actress, I think she is doing a great job.

.I totally love what they did to Robb Stak. Totally worth seeing. In the book he is much younger but here it is a really strong character and the huge direwolf gives him such a halo of power that he is even better than Eddard. We all want to see him rip off Joffrey's head right now! Will life be so just?

.Tyrion becomes Hand, and we all think "Gee, look at Tywin making a good decision..." Let's all hope he brings some wits into King's Landing. Nice man Tyrion, you have to be a dwarf to be a little bit of a humble Lannister. He always steals the scene.

.Sansa is living the real nightmare having to comply with the king's every whim. Will destiny smile at her and she'll escape? Or will life be a bitc* and Joff might kill her (or worse)?

.Jon Snow and the brothers reach Craster's. And like they say "there are no laws beyond the wall". Nice scene too with the Old Bear.

.Arya follows Yoren north as an orphan boy, that continues to show the incredible strength in this young and female character.

.We were all hoping to see Daenerys conquer half of Essos, but the truth is that the dragons are babies, the Red Waste is an awful desert and she is the queen of a bunch of homeless starving dirty souls. Also great female character that steals the scenes when she appears.

With this set forward it is clear to the viewers that we can expect anything in this season. Pretty much like life itself, unpredictable.

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Could have been better..., 25 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I liked this two parter, though I liked Pandora better. This closing is also fast paced, keeps the twists, but stretches a bit too much. The plot was promising and complicated, but it kind of falls apart when it all comes down to a single character. The one traitor is the person who designed a devilish plot to unleash WW3, did all the killings, was on everyone's back all the time without raising anyone's suspicions, ...well it is just too much.

It was entertaining and we all wanted to see how it ended, but the excess of computer tech, geeky stuff, magical databases, the good guy suddenly revealed as the incredibly evil bad guy, the hidden shooter who saves the hero at the last minute, the life changing confession that is left incomplete because the character dies...this all makes it a bit tedious.

I think the plot could have been handled much better and the Sophia character that resembled Beckett's situation with Castle could have been exploited way more.

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Good old fashioned Castle, 24 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nice episode, I really loved it!! It is fast paced, it has twists, a nice mysterious plot, surprises, Caskett has it all. Very recommendable for this season, one of the best.

**Spoiler alert**

It starts with a man being pushed from the 4th floor. Turns out the body was also shot, stabbed and wounded with a pen in his neck. The first surprise is that Alexis took an internship as Lanie's assistant! A fact that doesn't make Castle too happy because she is "stepping on his turf". And well, she kind of is...

They take the body and a suspect, called Gage, to the station but the body cannot be identified and suddenly disappears. Gage mocks Beckett and manages to flee exiting the front door with a police uniform stolen from the lockers. This terribly annoys the chief and by now we know this killer is a challenge!

They find a connection with a scientist but when Castle and Beckett get to her house she is already dead. While they are there some unseen person aims a gun at them and puts black hoods over their heads. Next thing they know is they are in a highly secret CIA office underground, pretty scared, but when an agent called Sophia comes to question them...what do you know?

She is an old "inspiration" of Castle's!! Played nicely by Jennifer Beals, she and Castle have a little "long time no see" reunion, with smiles and all. About 12 years before, Rick had followed her around in the same way he now tags Beckett. The character Clara Strike from the Derrick Storm saga was based on her. This obviously gets on Kate's nerves!!

This Sophia issue plus all the CIA secrets she has to keep from her colleagues at the station put some strain on Beckett and there are a lot of tense moments with Castle, including getting locked up in a trunk and the finale when, after meeting with a second scientists who apparently has the key to the extinction of the USA as we know it, they get thrown into a river while still inside a car.

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