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These movies I laughed out loud or they made me smile really big! They're not in order.
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This is a list of the hottest guys in hollywood today in my opinion. They are not in order. Check and see if you agree with any of the choices I have :)
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These are amazing actors, and most of them are babes ;)
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Best swoon, sigh, cry romance movies. (Not in order)
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There aren't many good scary movies, but I think these are the best out of the hundreds I've seen.
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These couples are either sexy, funny, or just have great chemistry on-screen. They are not in order, though the first couple is my favorite out of all of them.
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Talented stars who are at least 25 or younger.
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This is a list of the best disney movies I like. The cartoon classics of course :) they are not all in order.