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The Greatest Cartoon Series of All-Times!, 1 July 2003

I first discovered this show back in the early `90s when TNT had a cartoon time slot, with the creation of Cartoon Network this is no longer the case.

Scooby-Doo, Where are You! premiered on CBS in 1969 and in my opinion it is the best. Hanna-Barbera really out did themselves with this series. What I find fascinating about this show is that when you're a kid the show is basically about four friends and there dog solving spooky mysteries.

You have the leader, Fred, the danger prone Daphne, the brains of the group Velma, and the two scary cats Scooby and Shaggy. Most of the shows humor comes from Shaggy and Scooby escaping the ghost, zombie, etc. that's chasing them.

However, once you grow up this is an entirely different show. What the show is really about is four hippies and there talking dog (?) solving mysteries. We have Fred and Daphne the lovers of the group (or Free Love as hippies call it.) When Fred tells the group to split up he usually goes off with Daphne and we never see what they're up to (The S-E-X!) Then you have Velma, the lesbian. Sometimes she goes with Fred and Daphne (maybe to observe?) but she usually ends up with Shaggy and Scooby and serves as the straight person in there comic duo. Finally, there's Shaggy and Scooby. Shaggy is obviously the biggest stoner in the group and the only one who has "real" in-depth conversations with Scooby.

Now the biggest question one can ask when watching this show is: Are they really solving mysteries or is it all an illusion?!

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For Young Eyes Only!, 1 July 2003

Some people would ask if this show saved the Scooby-Doo franchise. The answer is no! Sure this show is cute and marks the end of the Dark Ages. The problem with the show is that it's too childish. The first three Scooby-Doo shows were the type of programming kids and adults could laugh at for two different reasons. This show is mainly for kids. While this show is a turning point it's not what ultimately led to Scooby's comeback.

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It's Scrappy Free!, 1 July 2003

This is the first Scooby-Doo series since "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo" and like the show before it, it's Scrappy Free! That's the highlight of the new show. However, I neither like or hate this new show. What disappoints me is that the humor that the first three shows had is missing. In addition to the action/adventure that the recent animated films had is also no where to be found. The show has the potential to be better, but for the 9th Scooby-Doo television series it's actually pretty entertaining.

The series currently is doing great in the ratings and that's a good thing since the live-action film was such a piece of garbage. We wouldn't want Scooby-Doo to make another comeback!

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Not even Vincent Price can save the series at this point!, 1 July 2003

After three horrible shows (Or the Dark Ages as I call it) Hanna-Barbera attempted to rescue the series from ultimate destruction. The first attempt being this show FAILED.

I will agree that the premise for this show is great! It adds a sense of action and adventure that would later save the franchise. This show unlike it's predecessor relies more on adventure and spookiness then on humor. This time the ghosts are real!

The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries (Or the new Scooby and Scappy Show?) reintroduced the character of Daphne. This time Daphne had a new `80s look to her and no longer was danger prone (something else that would later save the series.) The addition of Vincent Price was very effective and added to the new mood Hanna-Barber wanted.

But with some many positive elements how did the show fail? Two names come up to mind: Scrappy-Doo and Flim Flam. If these two characters would not have been on the show it would have survived.

Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, and Vincent alongside this new premise would have made for a terrific comeback. To bad Scrappy and Flim Flam had to ruin everything.

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Scooby-Doo: The Return, 1 July 2003

Intelligently enough the producers of the show returned Scooby-Doo to his roots and had him solving mysteries. Where they flawed was in not bringing back the gang and getting rid of Scrappy. The mystery and villains are the lamest in the entire franchise and in my opinion an unnecessary show.

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Why did we need a new show?!, 1 July 2003

After the series was brutally murdered with the introduction of Scooby's nephew Scrappy they actually continued to make shows and began to make movies!!!!

This show deliberately began what I like to call "The Dark Ages of Scooby-Doo"

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Puppy Power!, 1 July 2003

This is the show that finally killed the Scooby-Doo series. I'll be honest and say that I enjoyed the first season of the show. For one thing the addition of Scrappy was something new and fresh to the series and it was funny when Scrappy would say "da, da, da, daa, PUPPY POWER!" and run of to fight the villain. Forcing Scooby to go save him. The show was doing good with the gang still solving mysteries and all. The show had some major flaws in it's first season with the hidden jokes out the window and the villains being the worst in the series. Still I guess the familiarity with the characters made the show watchable and a bit enjoyable.

Then the unthinkable happened! The gang suddenly disappeared, there were no more solving mysteries and it was just Scooby, Shaggy, and Scrappy (The Three "S") just wandering around. That's when everything went downhill. The show became extremely lame and unwatchable, above all Scrappy became the certain of attention. Thus making him the most annoying character ever to be conceived.

He worked in the first season because like Scooby-Dum in The Scooby-Doo show he wasn't the focus but once Scrappy became the focus the series came to a sudden end.

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The End is Here!, 1 July 2003

The third installment in the series returned to the premise of the original show and improved with it's villains like in the case of Jaguaroo but while it improved on one aspect it declined on another. Like the show before it the hidden jokes were toned down. However, still managed to be entertaining.

What is sad and best remembered about this show is that it's the last good Scooby-Doo series before the infamous Scrappy makes his big debut.

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The Scooby & Shaggy Comedy Hour, 1 July 2003

The second installment in the Scooby-Doo franchise is a bit weaker then it's predecessor but being that this is an hour show with hilarious guest stars like Don Knotts and the Harlem Globetrotters it makes up for a lot of fun.

The only let down this show had was that the hidden jokes were toned down to accommodate for the guest stars.

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Pam Gets Animated, 26 June 2003

Directed by Kevin Alteri (Batman: The Animated Series) and created by comics greatest Stan Lee Stripperella is the type of shows perverts would enjoy. The concept is pretty dumb but while I've seen Pam Anderson nude several times I would have prefered this show to be live-action. I don't want an animated nude Pam! This is a dumb show just trusting it's future on the air by advocating naked animation.

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