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Here is what i think should be the top 250 movies list.
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this is just my opinion of the greatest actors alive.
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HELLO EVERYBODY! I am the maker of this list (obviously) and if u liked it and think i am an expert on movies, then subscribe to my youtube channel which will be making its OWN movies!!! WOW!!! lols bye

This LIST will be updated every time i watch a movie. The list is at random because the movies are so good that it's hard to choose which ones first or last. IF there is a movie you like that is not on here, leave the name in the comments and i will see if i can watch it
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A list of what I think is the most overrated films
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these are what I think are the most Underrated movies that i have seen
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good actors you should know of in a random order. Hope you agree
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A list of my favourite directors so far, hope you agree
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a bunch of movie's i've seen that i think have good twists