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The more real the better.
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You won't find any superheros or CGI horror's here.

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F.B.I / A.T.F / I.A / D.A / D.E.A / L.A.P.D / N.Y.P.D / S.F.P.D / Miami Dade Police / Sheriff's / State Police / Department Of The Treasury.
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The best director that ever lived and the masterpieces he gave to us all.

There won't be anyone like him ever again.
So enjoy his work knowing that a lot of thought went into every piece of detail you see in these truly epic pieces of art.

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masterpeace's he directed. From the best down.
There is still some Scorsese's films out there that I haven't seen and can't get anywere! Mainly "whos that knocking at my door / I call first"
Id pay 50 for it at this stage, In it he use's my alltime favourite song "THE END".