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Movies I absolutely adore - perfect movies in my opinion.
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Movies I think should be rated higher then they were given. I know I don't have many/any in 5.o or below, but they're generally that low for a reason (hypocritical? No). It's a constant work in progress, I will add movies as I think of them. Feel free to suggest good movies etc.... You know what I mean.
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This is my list of characters that either completely separate the character from the actor, and truly become a person within the movie.

In most of these cases I began to think of the actor as this character-- however I should try not to do that or you get people like Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Guy) or Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack from Titanic) that get branded based on one/series of movies.

That being said these characters have been memorable, and they made the movie *that* much more enjoyable the way they were developed, portrayed and lived throughout the movie.
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People I think are amazing actors--

Note: I don't know much about the pre-1990 movie era or whatever the hell you wanna call it. I just know what I've seen, and what I like.

I know DiCaprio, Depp and Hathaway are my fav's, but after that it's kinda random but at the same time in kind of a general order. I'm confusing >_<