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This is my opinion on the best TV shows, in order. There are a lot of shows from my childhood here because they are very nostalgic to me so I wanted to put them on my list also. This list is under construction, I plan on watching a lot of shows in the future, like for example: The Wire, Broadwalk Empire, Twin Peaks and Arrested Development. There are some Finnish shows here so I advice you not to watch them of you are from somewhere else, because most of the jokes only work in Finland where our funny shows are based on funny sayings of things.
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My favorite Directors.
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My opinion of the best films/movies. It's really hard to organize a list like this because there are so many reasons to evaluate films. Some are worse than others but might be better than some film after them (it's really hard to explain). I'd like if all comments would be nice and suggestive and not angry. I think that IMDb users are smarter than mad "troll" Youtube or Facebook users. Remember all of these films are great and it is very hard for some films to evaluate which is better. I very much appreciate comments on films that I should watch (unless it's in the top 250, I plan on watching all of them).
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This is an assortment of films, in which nothing much at all happens. The point of these films is not a fundamental story or plot, but rather themes, characters, moods, cinematography or random events. These simple films are in my opinion even more effective with the impression they leave. I might not even remember any individual scenes from a movie such as these, but the feeling it gave was simply so strong, it stuck with me. The films may also have a story, but the structure in that case is either very strange or just seemingly random scenes, which all build up not to a 3rd act, or resolution, but a theme. In some cases the story is just very flimsy, simple and not focused on.
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These people are selected by three factors: their personality, how well written the character is and how badass they are. I'd like to point out that the first villains are really hard to put in order, just because they are all so fantastic. I'm going to write a little about some of these and some I just can't talk about that much.

SPOILER ALERT!!! From: Fight Club, Se7en, Watchmen, The Usual Suspects and Reservoir Dogs, BioShock
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Enough said. Also those that leave you speechless and feeling really good inside. In no special order, except maybe the ones that are in the end.