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The Advocate (2013/II)
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Well Directed!! A good watch from start to finish, 29 November 2013

Okay granted, this movie will not win an academy award however, it is very entertaining!! Its a good watch on movie night at the crib. I am not sure why some people are saying is not a good movie but Don't LISTEN!!Check this one out for yourselves. The characters are polished and clear about their roles in this movie. The plot although done before doesn't bore you. You don't anticipate what's coming next. Also there is a surprise element to the way this attorney defends his clients whether they are innocent or not. So grab a friend or a date get your favorite snacks and dig in for this one. I promise you wont be disappointed!!

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Excellent!!! Grab you Wife and kids sit down and watch this movie!!!, 3 May 2012

OK. If your reading the reviews and people are telling you this movie is average or not good they are way off!! This movie has everything you want in a good flick. Love, fear, violence,a good twist and action. Its all woven together in to a plot that leaves you gripping the hand(s) of a loved one in anticipation of what will happen next. You will never guess who are the good guys and who are the bad guys as you watch this man in pursuit of what means everything to him. Watch how relentless he is, no matter the obstacle, no matter the threat, no matter the pain, and no matter the consequences.In the end you find out why this man is really being perused and you become even more touched by his sleepless night...

Consinsual (2010)
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Watch this movie!!!, 7 November 2011

Many times I sit down to watch a movie with black actors in Lead parts and I come away feeling robbed. That's usually because the movie gets into typical stereotypes of what black life is like. If its not the typical stereotypes, then its the same cast of actors and actresses. Also I get sick of the segregation in movies. The real world is full of Black, White, Asians, Indians, Russians and so on that are friends. However, when you go to the movies, you find segregated cast. This movie is refreshing because it doesn't follow some typical patterns. First, the actors are from quite a few races and I like that! Second, its good to see Black talent in a leading role of a script that is good. Not to mention, the direction, plot, rising and falling action of this suspense drama are all very well done. I hope to see movies continue to break the stereotypical patterns that movies follow. Don't believe me, watch the movie for herself.

Escapee (2011)
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Escape from Escapee. Its Terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 hours Ill never get back, 2 November 2011

Listen trust me on this one. If you like bad acting bad direction bad and bad acting (Oh sorry did I say that twice?) then watch this movie. I am trying to figure out who paid the other reviewers to say this movie is good. First off the character development of the serial killer was not done very well. We don't know anything about him accept that he is a killer.We know Freddy's story, we know Jason's story whether we agree or not we have some incite into why some serial killers do what they do. The way some of the people get killed is just so plain predictable that I nearly feel asleep on this movie twice. Trust me on this, save 2 hours out of your life and do anything else with that time...

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Great Cast, Great Laughs.., 12 October 2011

Granted this movie is not a smash hit, but if your home with your loved one, its great to watch on a "movie night". I found the story line to be a bit predictable and somewhat slow at time but, I found there was enough to still enjoy this comedy. The cast is rich with funny people like Mike Epps, and Kevin Hart and talented actresses like Nicole Parker. Its hard to go wrong with such talent (Megan Good comes to mind). I think this level of talent really picks up a story line that might be a little dry. Watching the development of this movie is a little slow but as time goes on it starts to pick up and do just fine. I think it helps if you sit down with your girlfriend or boyfriend husband or wife and grab some popcorn and enjoy this movie. You wont be disappointed

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A little Haitian Flavor!!, 16 February 2011

With all of the recent tragedies that have taken place in Haiti, many people have gotten a bad image of Haiti. Granted Haiti has a lot of problems, but it is nice to see a movie that decide to film a part of its movie in Haiti. I've seem other movies say they were on location in Haiti and really weren't. With that said this movie has a 1.5 million dollar budget so granted there is only so much one can expect from it. Nevertheless, with that said, I found the movie to be surprisingly entertaining!!! The plot I felt flowed smoothly which was important considering the budget. There are also some familiar faces in the movie that I think will help keep you entertained and that's it secret. I say that because the movie keeps a study balance and then gets you with a surprised ending that is truly one to remember!!!!