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A show all about life and family, 14 May 2006

I enjoyed this series from the first moment it started. With an outstanding cast and story lines, it is by far in my personal Top 5. My Mother grew up in Brooklyn and adored the Dodgers. Being 100% Irish, she can attest to the Irish family. She can remember the Knot Hole Gang and seeing the Bums at Ebbets Field all the time. The show hits on many of the traditions of various faiths and how they interacted with others. I just hope that sooner rather than later, this series can be found on DVD. It would be a shame if this did not happen. It truly is a wonderful show! Also, it is surprising that more of the younger actors and actresses didn't go on to other projects. The older cast members, have already had some great bodies of work. Marion Ross for one. Happy Days was a fantastic show and Mrs. Cunningham was one of TVs most popular mothers.

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A little piece if History, 28 January 2004

This was a show that was very cute and funny. I was about 7 or 8 when it was on. I can remember the characters Jodie and Jeff, Sam the security guard and Muffy the mouse. It was pretty funny, the stuff that they would do when the store closed down. The show was all about a mannequin who came to life when a magic hat was placed on his head. I think the store was supposed to be in Canada. One episode I remember well, was when they decided to have a Cafe' on the roof, and it started to rain. All the bread sticks got wet! As with the last person's comments, no one that I have asked remembers the show either. I think this was one of the first shows I watched on Nickelodeon. Hopefully, someday, they can recover the series, and bring it out on DVD for children today.

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Great bit of "Brit TV", 16 November 2003

This show is a great hours worth of British television. The main character, Hetty,who is played by Pat Routledge is best known for her ever social climbing status character Hyacinth BUCKET, pronounced Bouquet. The rest of the ensemble make you feel like they could be your next door neighbors. Geoffery, Janet and Hetty's husband Robert have that "real" feel about them. The show revolves around an older lady who does detective work, with the help, at times, from the local police inspector, D.C.I. Adams. The show has a nice flow to it, and the story lines are played out at a nice pace. A show worth watching whenever you can find it on PBS. Let's hope soon that we can find it on Video or DVD in the near future.

"Coupling" (2003)
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What a disaster!, 13 November 2003

I have seen this series ... once. And that's all I needed. It is such a poor remake of the proper "Britcom" Coupling in the UK. The actors seem fake, just reading their lines from a tele-prompter. The sets are right off of a Hollywood sound stage. And the whole idea to take the script word for word from the UK version, and change some words so that it would make sense here in the USA, was the final blow. I am happy to see it off the air, and I hope that the NBC person, or persons were sacked right after. Let's hope they learned their lesson. If you want to see it properly done, buy Coupling on DVD which has series 1 and 2 out now, and series 3 should be out soon. And not to worry, they are in the process of filming series 4!

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Quite good, indeed., 24 August 2003

I thought the movie was nicely paced, and the action was, to say the least, pretty darn good. Granted, the story line could have been "fished" out a bit, Ms. Jolie's action made up for that short fall. Being a huge fan of Mr. Chris Barrie, it was nice to see the character of Hillary have more to do than just clean up after the mansion gets raided. Let's hope the next installment has the same action, fast paced locations and even more realism in the storyline. All in all, The Cradle of Life hits almost all the right notes. Ms. Jolie has done some fine work here.

Finally!, 16 August 2003

A movie that has been talked about since, well, at least 15 years i imagine. The two heavy weights from horror movie fame from the 80's finally meet. It had poor acting from the "local" police, but in these types of movies, you'd expect that. The whole premise was done well, i thought. The retelling of how Freddy started, and Jason drowning was helpful to those too young to remember the first few stories. The use of Jason's Mom was great!

The action of the movie on whole was fast-paced and really quite scary, at times. Not "scream and leave" type of scary, but it had it's moments. The fight scenes between the two were done to perfection. Freddy had his ups, with his usual comic one-liners. Jason, too had his winning moments, with the never say die attitude.

With the way these movies have been produced in the recent past, it was nice to see this one. It had all the right main characters and the right feel to it. Go see this film ... it will bring you back to the days of 80's Horror when Jason and Freddy had their say in how to kill. Enjoy campers!

Not just about The Arsenal!, 27 June 2003

A great movie, by far in my top 5 all time greats! It tells of a man who is obsessed with a Football (soccer) team, The Arsenal. His whole life has been about them. When they win, he is happy. When they lose, look out! A woman who is prim and proper enters his life when The Arsenal have the chance to win the League for the first time in 18years. As his teams has it's ups and downs during that faithful year of 1989, so to does his relationship with her. In the end, they both make compromises, and with his joy of Arsenal winning it all, so does he ... by winning in life, the girl he loves, and becoming a father.

Oh, what a grand film., 26 June 2003

This film is truly great! It has such a nice flow to it. The characters jump off the screen, and there is such depth to each of them. You really "care" for them. The football (soccer) action is great, too. The family aspect is as true to real life as possible. I have friends who are from India, and their beliefs mirror this movie to the letter. I also own the CD from the movie, and the music is fast, upbeat and really rather different than anything else in my CD collection. If you have seen this, see it again. If you have not seen it, see it and enjoy!