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Love and Action for a pleasant evening at home, May 21, 2001, 24 June 2003

A movie for an evening at home -- not a great movie, but paced and plotted so that the tape will probably play to the end, with no one being bored -- a predictable end, but one would not expect heavy drama or deep tragedy from this comedy/action/romance film. The cast is talented and do well with their roles; Courtney Vance emits his usual likeable screen personna and is as convincing when wielding a gun as he is when kissing his girl, well played by Regina King and the chemistry between Vance and King is believable. Jason Alexander and Regina King perform a cute dance scene. The confession in the church is one instance when the humor has an original note. You may not hold your breath at the suspense ending but will probably keep your eyes on the screen. All in all, a good one for a dinner and a movie evening.