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Dull, 25 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nothing happened actually. Apart from Sansa uniting with Brienne, we got to see nothing. Jon Snow is so far dead. Cersei and Jaime wants to take everything away from the world. Tyrion has no idea what he is doing in Meeran. Khaleesi is not supported by the Dothrakis. Melisandre has not yet resuscitated Jon Snow. Rather shocking was to see her turning into an old lady (that too a naked one).

Perhaps she always has been an old witch. Poor Arya has to suffer again, she has turned blind and is getting flogged in such a situation. People had a lot of expectations from the 6th season. But, I had predicted that it would be just as lame as the fifth season and it is turning out to be quite the same. In Sherlock's words this is just "Dull."

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Entertaining but too self indulging, 3 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have been waiting for this since forever. I was so eagerly waiting for this to be aired. It has a lot of references to the previous episodes. Just the way Study in pink starts, John & Sherlock meets, it was almost the same. They have almost all the characters. Anderson again, Molly Hooper disguised as a man was a rather surprising move. This episode was rather witty & hilarious. Specially, Mary referring to Mycroft as "The clever one" was hilarious. There is also a mention of Irene Adler. Basically the entire episode is a dream & it becomes rather complicated although it has a very simple story to tell. I have read a lot of reviews and they criticized this episode. I wouldn't completely agree with them but two things I'd agree with. First is it is self indulging & the second is the ending was a bit dull.

It was all set in Victorian times, and at that time women were not considered equal. You also hear Mary telling Lestrade that she is a member of women's voting rights. Lestrade asks her if you are for or against it. Lol. I think it was very much clear that who kills Sir Eustace. But the justification of the entire thing is not understandable. It felt like some pro feminist storytelling. Moving ahead, mind palace part of the episode was splendid. It was again evident when Mycroft tells Sherlock about a virus in hard drive. It had to be a dream obviously. There were Johnlock moments. I didn't have any problem with it. I wasn't awwed by this episode, but it was good nevertheless. I think it continued with the last third season's trend. According to me third season was totally redundant except for the last minute of the last episode. Now with the revelation in The abominable bride, I can say even that last minute was just tantalizing nothing else. Again, Andrew Scott as Moriarty stands out. He is just too good. Third season was dull because there was no Moriarty. Every story needs a good old fashioned villain. I hope somehow there is Moriarty in the fourth season. Again, I hope Moffat doesn't mess up the fourth season and continue like the first two seasons.

Mommy (2014/I)
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Too damn addictive, 23 April 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have become a fan of French Cinema, TV series. Recently I saw a TV series Les Revenants. I saw many French films in the past like Au Revoir Les Enfants, Intouchables, Incendies and many more. French films have subtlety that others don't have. This is what makes French cinema different than the rest. Now, the film i am going to review is Mommy (2014)Mommy is directed and written by Xavier Dolan. Xavier Dolan is known for his film I killed my mother (2009). Now, in Mommy also you can find some resemblance of I killed my mother. Its amazing how talented & imaginative, Xavier Dolan is at the age of just 25.

I saw the movie yesterday, and I am almost compelled to write a review. The movie is very powerful and gripping. It mainly has 3 characters Diane (Anne Dorval), Steve (Antoine-Olivier Pilon) & Kyla (Suzanne Clément). Diane has been widowed for 3 years and does earns her living by doing meager jobs. Her son Steve, following his violent nature has been imposed, institutionalization, which is one degree lower than juvenile detention. Steve was institutionalized shortly following his father's death due to his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and his violent outbursts. He was just kicked out of the latest in a long line of facilities for setting fire to the cafeteria, in turn injuring another boy. Diane made this decision to deinstitutionalize him as she didn't like the alternative, sending him into more restrictive juvenile detention from which he would probably never be rehabilitated. He brings him home & the craziness begins.

They have a very different mother-son relationship. Both are crazy, but where Diane can control herself, Steve just can't. They come across the neighbor Kyla who has a stammering problem. She meets Diane & Steve, mingles with them, becomes their friend. Her stammering goes away whenever she's with Diane & Steve while, when she gets back home to her daughter & boyfriend, her stammering too comes back. Kyla tutors Steve, as he does home learning, as he has been deinstitutionalized. All three of them get bonded and have a good time. But later Diane gets a legal notice that she has to pay for the damages caused to the boy who got burnt up to 70% in the cafeteria, Steve set afire. She tries very hard to get a good lawyer, but fails. After Steve, attempts to commit suicide, she admits Steve in the mental institution as it would save him from the juvenile detention. That was not the right thing, as Kyla insinuates- "I can't abandon my family", almost a reference, that Diane didn't do the right thing. Steve is absolutely devastated, but later on realizes that his mom did it, as she thought iy would be best for him. In the end, it is shown that Steve is running towards a window/door, suggesting he is trying to attempt suicide again as he lost all hopes to be with his Mommy.

As Diane once tells Kyla that, there is not a dull moment with Steve, is indeed true. The film seems loud on certain occasions, is never boring though its 138 minutes long. Xavier Dolan once again uses music to perfection in this film. The pop songs that Xavier Dolan chose for the movie are simply amazing and each song has a meaning with the scene in it. From Sarah McLachlan, Oasis, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Lana del Rey, Counting Crows. Specially 2 scenes, one where Kyla comes over for party at Diane's and secondly the long dream sequence. Both the scenes fit with the music used in them. There are many scenes that could take your breath away. Particularly I liked the scene where Kyla bullies Steve, and Steve pisses his pants. It was very intense, you wouldn't imagine someone like Kyla dominating someone. The chemistry between the 3 main characters is flawless. It never feels like they are acting, they live the characters and also force you to get involve with them. Its as real as it gets troubled mother, troubled son, troubled neighbor. We never get to know the full story of Kyla, just that she was a teacher, now on a sabbatical and has developed a stammering problem. Diane is troubled too, who is considered white trash by many, Diane does whatever she needs, including strutting her body in front of male employers who will look, to make an honest living. That bread-winning ability is affected when she makes the decision to get Steve back.

I really admire the work of Xavier Dolan and looking forward to watch his other films too. He has a gift that no 25 year old may have. He has the vision, he makes it look as real as it gets. He also plays with aspect ratio in this film. Almost entire film is in 1:1 aspect ratio, but only 2 scenes are shot in 1.85. Entire film gives a feeling of claustrophobia by using that 1:1 aspect ratio. This film is not be missed by true lovers of cinema. Dolan will only get better. Mommy is the best film of 2014 that I saw in 2015. There is something about this film, the restlessness, that I can't express in words. I was left in emotional instability. I may have to watch it one more time to ebb out that uneasiness.

The Jacket (2005)
Eerie but good, 17 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is Jacob's Ladder type of film. Where Jacob's Ladder was a more comprehensive and detailed film. This is a shorter version I guess. Jack Starks probably dies when the small kid shoots him, but before dying or while dying he sees a dream where he visualizes everything that we see in the film. Of course this is my take on the film.

We can also say that Ryan Gosling starer "Stay" was also same kind of a film. This is kind of a film that leaves viewers with multiple options regarding how/what the film is. Adrien Brody was good as usual. he's a perfect cast in such kinds of intense films. he seems very natural doing such films. The story of the film is Adrien Brody (Jack Starks)is shown in Iraq war (1991) he gets shot and considered dead. But later on he's seen alive by the crew.

Later on the story unfolds and Jack is suspected of a murder, tried and sent to a mental institution. Where he becomes the object of doctors' experiments. He's enclosed in a morgue drawer braced with a jacket. He dreams there and can see future events. If you liked Jacob's ladder,The Machinist, Stay etc. you'd like this film as well.

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Another good french series, 17 March 2015

The returned is a story of a town where some dead people start reappearing after a few years. So, that scares & confuses the family and the people in the town about how this could have happened. The story is told in a slow and smooth manner. The atmosphere is spooky and eerie. One thing that I liked about this series, that no scary faces & ungratuitous violence/gore has been used.

A good supernatural series/film can be made without silly cliché things that are used generally by the makers. Every episode has a story about one of the dead characters. The flashbacks also convey us information about what had happened in the past events. The overall experience was pretty good, but I still think the series seemed incomplete.

I am not one of those guys to whom you have to spell out everything. But still, after the season finale a lot of questions seemed to be unanswered. i don't know if there will be as second season or not. And, I personally don't think there is any need for any. But apart from this I liked it very well. Its a must watch for all the fans of psychological thriller series. It's a good attempt and deserves to be viewed.

"Utopia" (2013)
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Fantastic series with some freshness, 17 March 2015

Just finished watching second season of the series Utopia. I have to admit it is one of the most original series I've ever seen. The concept & story is very bold and execution was perfect in the first season. The second season wasn't as brilliant as the first one, but still I liked the series as a whole. Sad, that there won't be any third season, as the season 2 ended in a cliffhanger.

Utopia follows a group of people who have in possession a manuscript of a graphic novel. Thus, they are followed and targeted by some organizations who stoop to anything to get it back. The novel contains information that would be responsible for a huge disaster.

All the main characters have acted very well. I specially liked the character of Grant & of course Jessica Hyde. The question in the first few episodes is "Who is Jessica Hyde?". The topic which the creators chose is very bold. It must have taken courage to take such a topic. The question would be if you support Utopia or not. Definitely. most would say yes without a doubt.

This series is just as different as Black Mirror. First season is terrific, but second season albeit not poor, but just doesn't seem that good. Maybe this is the reason they chose not to review it. Nevertheless, it is still good enough to be viewed once. I give first season a 10 & second season an 8. Fantastic British series, something that shouldn't be missed.

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A fantastic mind boggling episode, 14 November 2014

Grounded Vindaloop has to be the best episode of 18th season so far. The previous episodes were not that funny, but this one was a mind tripping laughter riot. It was like watching Nolan's film which is very intricate, but satisfying to the core.

There was a point when we can't understand what's reality and what's virtual world. This episode was on Oculus Rift- which is virtual reality headsets for 3D gamings. The episode tells that it really messes up your head. The customer service executive part was particularly hilarious. I think its first time, Matt & Trey made such an intricate episode.

They surely can try in this genre as well, apart from just comedy. Two thumbs up & I give 10/10 to this episode. I know now that Matt & Trey have still a lot to offer after 18 years.

Martyrs (2008)
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Very tough movie to watch, 8 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This has to be the most disturbing film I've seen. It's disturbing, difficult to watch, mind you, but not disgusting as some movies that are disguised as scary films. The very idea, the gist & treatment of the film scares you. The film starts with a girl named Lucie being tortured, and then she manages to escape the house where she was kept. Then we are shown a family that seems normal and likable. But Lucie returns with her childhood friend Anna. And we come to know that the couple was the one who help Lucie captive & tortured her. Lucie takes her revenge, but her delusions become stronger. But we come to know there's much more than that.

The film is more about Anna though. than Lucie. You'll know it when you see the film. The violence seems very much real, and is unlike the lame Hollywood flicks. This is why I like French films, they're raw and seem genuine unlike Hollywood films.

This film is definitely not for everyone. People who are averse to watching violent films, stay away from the film. The rest enjoy this french masterpiece. Ending is superb, its like nothing you've ever seen.

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Brilliant, gutsy, overwhelming, 2 November 2014

Well, its a four hour film. I had to watch it in 2 sittings. But I was not bored for a second. Yuu, is a catholic boy whose longs for his father's affection, and in order to confess to his priest his to get his attention ends up taking and mastering erotic pictures of girls in public. He falls in love with Yoko who hates her father and ends up living with her father's ex girlfriend. Koike who killed her own father, who is an original sinner, hatches up a plan to convert Yuu's family to her cult.

Yuu tries to get his love Yoko, and counters the plan of Koike, but it all ends up in a huge chaos. Like other Japanese films, its a bit quaint, but again very well made. This film is not for everybody for sure. There's erections (in pants, not real) and upskirt scenes throughout the film. But they are important and the story demands them.

The movie films a bit ridiculous and unreal sometimes, but never boring though. That's the cool thing about the Japanese films, the are a but different but still very good. It's a mind blowing love story, a love story that's explosive, which pretty much justifies its name. The climax seems it should have come a bit earlier but thats all right. Cinematography is pretty good, overall a top notch film. Worth watching if you want to view a different type of love story.

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Christmas time is once a year, every critter holds it dear, 2 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After watching the episode today for almost 100th time, I decided I should write a review. This happens to be my favorite episode of South Park. Stan finds some critters in the forest who wants to celebrate Christmas, one of the critters porcupine is pregnant and is to give birth to the savior of the critters. Stan helps them but later on discovers that the critters are evil and the porcupine is going to give birth to the anti-Christ.

This episode has references of blood orgy in critters in which they sacrifice the rabbit, that alludes to the rabbit test a long way back, where rabbit where used to confirm the pregnancy, where in the end rabbit would die. It was very cool the way they showed it here. Plus lion cubs assisting in abortions was damn funny. And, Stan's reaction during the entire episode was fantabulous.

This and Scott Tennorman must die has to be the most no holds barred kind of episodes ever made on any shows. Nobody dares to make such bold episodes other than Matt and Trey. Hats off to you, and keep 'em coming.

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