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"Atlantis" (2013)
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Terrible, 29 September 2013

I'll waste as little words as is takes to give my review. I have read others posted, one actually says give the programme 15 minutes before you judge it.....unfortunately I did. Both myself and my wife reached for the remote just after 15 minutes, no spoiler here, but when the scene where Pythagorus giving a camp wave of hands with "reeeaaally" spoken like an eleven year old girl drifted in, enough was enough. Sorry. I need to have ten lines of text for my review. I should engage one of the script writers. Are there any 8 year old literary students awake at this time. You could do a better job, believe me!!! Atlantis should be re-edited for CBBees. I have know wasted more time than I thought and there is a good possibility that this very honest opinion may never be published.

"Homeland" (2011)
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aaaargh! eagerly awaited, just about stomached the 1st episode, 19 February 2012

19th February 2011...Yep! Here I am, English, sympathetic to World crisis and human suffering, so little did I know that by watching the 1st episode of this I would have to suffer. Surely this whole palaver hangs on the main characters, so why are they so far fetched, or are they? After all, this is an American production. No disrespect to the actors, Damien Lewis is brilliant and his daughter has a wonderful bad eye look for the wayward mother. The mad Homeland investigation girl also plays her part...but would these be any where near realcharacters, even in the U.S of A, best leave George Bush out of this I suppose. OK I know it's made for the furthering of American paranoia,on that no comment is needed. If this is going to be UK Channel 4's 2012 flagship Sunday drama, I'll take the popsi challenge that once viewing figures start dropping, this series will also be dropped.

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Should be watched!!, 13 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Excruciatingly hard watch, edge of your seat at moments, thoroughly realistic, nearly a tear jerker, but not forced. Flash backs are neatly done, introducing the background life of the main character, the fellow soldiers of experience, naiveté and his life before, with a touch of the life after, his grown love and life history. Also neatly suggests the stigma of not going to war and also introduces the necessary madness of the old Guard officer class and attitude at the time. Don't let the dry earth, should be wet earth spoiler influence you, watch this film. My opinion, only the title let it down, the World audience probably thought it was a cheap horror-flick. I am proud that ex-Colonials are at least making the effort to educate the world that World War One actually happened and it wasn't a video or x box game invented by Japanese tech guys.......... would recommend this film to all. "Lest we Forget".