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Magical Music Comedy, 3 September 2004

The acting was grand, the music was authentic and the story was cute. Made me laugh and my wife cry, as romantic comedies should. If Irish people are your thing then watch this.

Andrea Corr does a fine job as the lead of the one band. I would guess that she grew up in a similar environment and probably played in a band just like the one portrayed.

The Irish music is great. It made me want to go out and get traditional Irish CD's

Might have been better if they cut the movie after the final dance at the competition. The story after this is OK, but not great.

Great Craic.

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Solid South African production, 28 June 2004

I watched this over the weekend. For a relatively low budget movie I was quite impressed. Kudos to Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy) for coming back to SA to support the local industry. It is also great to see the local guys putting in convincing performances.

The story moves at a reasonable pace for the most part, though it was a bit slow in places. The plot is one which South Africans will identify well with, though foreigners will be able to follow it with ease. The movie explores strong racial antagonism which mellows towards racial reconciliation. This theme has been overworked in the past, but this movie gives it fresh spin and there are some quirky, dramatic and tense scenes. Even with the slightly surprising ending, one does get a sense of closure.

While not brilliant, the camera and director work was more than adequate and did not detract from the movie.

It would be great to see more South African movies. It was a pity that the theater was mostly empty. Lack of support for something as solid as this is disheartening. Local industry needs more support from the viewer base. Even though the movie is 'arty' it should have perhaps been released on the main circuit to give it greater exposure.