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So I am really excited for The Dark Knight Rises and quite disappointed that its ending the Christopher Nolan Batman series because I felt that it was the best Batman adaptation of all time Now we all know that Batman is being rebooted in 2015 keeping in mind that its just 3 years from Im assuming that while they will want to retain the dark and intense tone synonymous with the Chris Nolan series, they will want to incorporate the fantasy based characters in this adaptation, keep in mind that I dont think that all of these characters will make an appearance in 1 movie these are just my ideas Some characters will have multiple actors attached to them the reasons will be explained below
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This is my opinion
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From both Hollywood and bollywood
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Here is a list of the 15 most entertaining Fantasy films of all time in my opinion
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In my opinion
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Movies such as Avatar Inception Star Wars etc count as both Fantasy and Sci Fi
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In my opinion the 10 most pivotal men in the action genre