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Refreshing and Intriguing, 10 February 2011

I was invited today to see an Advance Screening of this movie by a a friend and was excited to find out it was this movie. I had seen the preview during the commercial break from one of my TV shows that I follow and it seemed promising.

In a movie world today where everything released just seems to be sequel after sequel and remake after remake, I found this movie original and thought provoking. With a combination of elements that included thriller and science fiction themes, and then adding in a spiritual and romance side of things as well, this movie had it all.

I thought Matt Damon was excellent in his role and I was captivated for the whole movie in its concept it was drawing onto between fate and free will.

It is my hope many people will show up to see this movie. I loved it and know that I will definitely buy it when it's released on DVD in the future.

Oh and the theater I saw it in had a couple of hundred people watching it and they erupted into applause at the end. How often does that happen these days at the end of movies? Hopefully that tells you how great this movie was!

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Enjoyable, 13 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched all of the episodes of the original series and truthfully by its end I had grown bored. So the dialog of this show may seem silly to some or maybe the plot unbelievable to others, but for a fan like me of sci-fi and supernatural based shows, this is more refreshing than watch yet another drab crime drama, medical drama, court room drama, etc type show that parades the airwaves every night. Regardless of how long this show lasts, I'll continue to watch it and enjoy it like I did The Secret Circle. Like that show, it has good special effects, a nice looking cast, and something that seems more exciting than seeing two people try to figure out every single show the murder of the week or the crime of the week.