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It does what its supposed to do, and does it well!, 20 February 2010

This movie is hilarious, and really shows the talent of "action-star" Michael Jai White. The dual-storyline is funny, and not confusing, and when its time to "spoof" it does it well and in some cases, its very subtly done. You know its a spoof but its not the "so in your face that its not funny anymore" spoof. Great cast all around, and most seem to work really well together. Another great thing about this film is that when its time for a joke or one-liner, the actors don't "hump" it, it comes naturally and rolls off their tongues. I really encourage everyone to see this film. I rated it a 9 because I don't see how they could've done much better than what was put out. Do yourself a favor, watch this film with no expectations and you'll be amazed at how you wouldn't think a film like this would surpass any expectations you would've had. I can't wait for BD2!

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Has potential, 1 April 2009

First off, I was totally stoked when I heard the penguins were getting their own show...until I actually saw it. The selling point to me was I was going to see more of what made me watch the Madagascar movies...THE PENGUINS! For some unknown reason the writers feel the 4 penguins alone are not enough, so they have to have the monkeys (which are cool in moderation), a otter-girl (she's OK), and Julien, Mort and the other marsupial thing (what kills the show). So instead of a show focusing on the antics of 4 penguins, we now have 2 15-min episodes featuring 9 characters, with LOTS of Julien's same "I am king Julien blah blah blah". The show would be A lot better if the just did 1 30-minute cartoon and cut out the unnecessary sidekicks...either let the otter-girl "sidekick" one show, or let the monkeys do it. The marsupials do the same exact thing they did in both movies. I want to see more of the psychotic navy-seal commando penguins, and stop serving them up to Julien.

My Buddy Bill (2008) (TV)
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Hilarious, a MUST see, 12 March 2008

I was up late Monday night/Tuesday morning and flipped to Comedy Central to see Rick performing his stand-up. Sadly to say I missed the first couple of minutes, however, I cannot begin to describe his routine, it was simply hilarious. Rick has a innocent and almost naiveness to his delivery...he comes across as just an average guy, that experienced something extraordinary. Its as funny to hear how he says his story as much as how funny his story really is. Imagine a Lewis Black, but not angry. He paints a picture of Bill Clinton (his buddy bill) and Hilary that fits them perfectly as the Clintons you would imagine they really are. While his story may seems unlikely, its amazingly realistic. I was left thinking after-wards of if it actually happened, but you couldn't imagine someone just making up a story like this. All the while, his story is very clean, no toilet humor or grotesque use of profanity. He starts by talking about how he was helping Bill Clinton train his dog and ends with the sad dissolving of their friendship, but its so funny. He talks about how becoming friends with Bill opens the door for him to meet other celebrities such as Billy Bob Thornton and Christopher Walkin, and with each celebrity, is another funny story. I really hope Comedy Central shows this again and I highly suggest watching it, its well worth it.

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Flyguy *Possible Spoiler*, 22 June 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love this movie, and recently I was watching and noticed something. When Flyguy is released from prison and returns to his apartment and emerges in his 70's wear, it is obvious he has fish tanks for his platform shoes. What I noticed is that at the end when we next see him in his new clothes, there is a fish tank in his yellow tie. You have to really look to notice it because his jacket is buttoned, but you get a good shot at it when everyone is outside and it appears he is holding it up for the camera.