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Just a few favourites from my childhood. Most of the shows featured hers are from around 1999 - 2007. I will add more later
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A list of films you must see before you die. Sorted by date of release
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A list of movies that I would recommend watching at least once. (Not to be confused with 'Best Movies of all time')
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Movies to see at the cinema
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DVD only
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This is a list for all those who suffer with Emetophobia. This list doesn't contain every movie with a v*miting or gagging scene, but I will do my best to add movies with potential triggers. If anyone would like to make a contribution, please get in touch. TIP ::: View this in 'list' format to view the comments I have made
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Born in 1994. Here is a list of the movies I have watched at the cinema
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For the record - I do not suffer with any form or narcolepsy
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My second 'watched' list. Beginning on 1st January 2014 and ending 31 December 2014.
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The James Bond films in order of Godliness
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